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Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry Wine

4 lbs Strawberries
3 lbs Raspberries
3 lbs Blackberries
5 lbs Sugar
1 Tbs Pectic Enzyme
3 tsp Yeast Nutrient
0.5 tsp Acid Blend
Water to 3.5 Gallons

This was my second go at a wine after making Apfelwein. I used frozen fruit from the grocery since that's what was available. Otherwise, fresh would be wonderful if you can get it. If you do use frozen, thaw it out most of the way before starting.

Take all of the berries and mash them up good, I used a potato masher, going in batches. Dump into mesh bag and place in primary fermenter. Boil some water (I used 2 quarts) with 5 lbs of sugar and allow to cool. Add to the fermenter over the fruit and top up to 3.5 gallons. Add Pectic Enzyme, Nutrients, and Acid Blend and stir the whole thing up good.

Take a gravity reading, mine came out at 1.080, shoot for somewhere around that and you'll be fine.

I added 3 campden tabs and waited 12 hrs before pitching yeast. I've had success with Montrachet and Lalvin RC212. I also control fermentation temps by floating some sanitized frozen water bottles in the bucket during primary cause this stuff gets hot.

Primary for a few days until gravity drops to 1.005-1.015 or so, then strain the liquid out of the bag into the primary and discard the pulp. You should be left with just over 3 gallons, allow this to settle for a day, then rack the wine to a 3 gallon carboy and airlock for secondary. Then stabilize, rack, sulfite, rack, degas, etc. in whatever order you normally do just like any other wine until clear, then bottle, age for a bit and enjoy.

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