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Interesting that copper contributes to chill haze...I always thought copper was one of those essential micronutrients, so I always add a few inches of copper pipe to my kettle during the boil (I'd heard/read somewhere that this was a good way to get enough copper into the beer...not sure where...maybe I will stop doing this and see if it helps my chill haze)
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Copper IS an essential micronutrient. You definitely want some copper. I'd probably focus on the other remedies first.


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Originally Posted by bobtheUKbrewer2 View Post
In UK we tend to ferment down to close to end point then bottle condition. I don't know of anybody in UK who leaves say 2 weeks in primary and 2 weeks in secondary. Once beer is down to say .002 of FG we bottle. Amazed nobody has mentioned bottle bombs, smiles.....
Just my 2 pence as a UK brewer: I think this is mostly because the average UK brewer is slower to keep up with developments in the hobby (but also less obsessed with getting crystal clear beer). In the US homebrewers tend to more cutting edge, spending their time on the internet reading up and discussing the latest science to perfect their methods (e.g. "beer continues to improve after fermentation if you leave it on the yeast a few weeks"). In the UK hombrewing is, sadly, still a bit of an "old boys" hobby with folks following the same method they did 40 years ago.

Things are slowly improving though, with Tescos and Wilkos now stocking supplies

Anyway, apologies

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Chill Haze? We don't care bout no stinking Chill Haze.

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Originally Posted by oakbarn View Post
Chill Haze? We don't care bout no stinking Chill Haze.
I have gotten to that point. I use whirlfloc, I've tried HARD VIGOROUS boils, I use a wort chiller to get my wort down to pitching temp in 15 minutes or less, leave behind the break material....and I still get chill haze.
I figure..."Piss on it, protein is good for ya anyway!"

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Add a tablespoon of gelatin and drop to freezing for 4 days. Done.

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Its interesting to hear Polyclar PVPP used as a kettle addition...
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I'm a UK brewer and I always leave in primary for two weeks, then depending on type, may transfer.
I am very interested in this subject, I am going to alter my set up to underlet in the future to see if that helps.

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Hi guys,

Im a homebrewer from Chile, my last brew was an IPA that ferment in 3 kegs, 2 ferment for 5 days and then rack it to a secondary and the other one stayed for 11 days snd then was racked, all of them went into a keezer and after a month the difference bewteen them its huge. One its very clear and the other two are hazy.... So that can be taken on acount.


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fmonttb --WHICH ONE WAS CLEAREST ?????????

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