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Apr 2013
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Good job I used the same set up on my kegs at first, just now I drilled a whole in the refrigerator side and mounted a tap. Its nice not to have to open the door all the time. Was told I was lucky I did not hit any wires in the side. Next time I will mount it through the front door.
Got me 4 of them kegs also, going to second stage with them.

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Jan 2013
York, Pennsylvania
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You dont have a link for that keg deal, do you?
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Mar 2013
Stevens Point, WI
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Nice! I lust after one of 8 tap Keezers like this one

Will have to settle for building my 4 tap setup in a side by side refrigerator this weekend. I thought 4 would be enough but now I want 8 and I could see a chest freezer build with 12 so we can have a greater selection on hand.

Where does the investment end?

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Originally Posted by half_whit View Post
You dont have a link for that keg deal, do you?
It was from Midwest Supplies, email newsletter that had the deal, I just hit the site and cannot find them now, so I assume they sold out (was "while supplies last). I just went back to my account and the SKU "Pin Lock 4 Pack
U8007" is not active.
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Jun 2013
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Originally Posted by Clonefan94 View Post
I jumped right into kegging. I have had a kegerator for quite a few years and just did the conversion to ball lock kegs from the original sanke. It's not that I don't think bottling isn't worthwhile, I have helped friends do it, I just didn't like the hassle of all of it.

Portability is another good reason to bottle, but most of my out of home drinking comes at tailgate parties and bottles are usually outlawed there. Recently I just invested in 2 - 2.5 gallon kegs that I will use to take beer to parties and stash in the trunk at tailgates.
I think that I'd like to go right into kegging it's just a cash flow and space issue for now. I'll just try to pick up one piece at a time. How much were the mini kegs?
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Apr 2013
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I bought from keg connection and paid a little under 500$ for:
2 ball lock used cornies
Taprite dual body regulator
5gal CO2 tank
2 Perlick stainless faucets n shanks

They also assembled the gas/liquid fittings for me. Nice touch.

It can be done cheaper, but it's perfect for what I wanted..... basically a 2 keg fridge kit with quality parts and the ability to run different pressures. Now if I could just keep from overcarbing one of my kegs....

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Old 07-30-2013, 07:25 PM   #17
Dec 2008
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Yeah, I hopped all over that 72 hour sale, yes it has concluded for those who were asking. I love the manifold, I have a 4 way and almost got a 5 way. Ditto, on the picnic taps and take it or leave it this is what I did (although I didn't put the glass shelf back above the kegs though) Industrial strength velcro! I put a strip on the back of the fridge for the manifold and it holds it up when the kegs are in the fridge. I also velcro'ed the side wall for the picnic taps. Just an idea since I don't have blowbacks(offs?) on the manifold.

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Old 08-05-2013, 05:06 PM   #18
Jun 2013
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Wow that's a great deal for 4 kegs. I feel like signing up to newsletters for all the major players is the best way to build up your homebrewing equipment supply.

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Old 08-05-2013, 08:06 PM   #19
Oct 2010
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Congrats on the setup, I'm running something similar right now, I picked up a chest freezer on the cheap, adjusted the "rough adjust" screw (no external temp controller) and have three picnic taps set up.

I can carb/serve 3 at a time, and I have 5 kegs so my pipeline should never go dry as I can play quick disconnect shuffle in order to keep me in beer; I've also got a Sanke tap that I can hook into my CO2 tank and picnic taps.

Next year will be the collar build, faucet installs, maybe temperature controller (it's holding 42-44 deg though) doing it in phases myself, I've got a budget and if I don't stick to it SWMBO will destroy me.

I can't believe I bottled for as long as I did, kegs are waaay easier.
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Mar 2013
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Hey, your setup looks great. Going straight for 2, I like it.

I have a couple kegging questions that maybe someone here could answer for me. I just started kegging as well. I picked up a pin lock keg at my LHBS. My first question is, how do you purge a pin lock keg? The guy at the store told me to stick a screw driver in the overflow valve at the top but that did not work.

Second, my regulator is set to 10psi and has only been in the fridge for 2 days but the second gauge says that I should order more gas. I checked all of the lines with starsan and I didn't see any bubbles. I also checked the top of the keg and the hook ups. Any thoughts?

Dr. Keiser

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