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Originally Posted by DanH View Post
I'd drink it. It's was diluted to a safe level with water, and then you further diluted it beer.
Agreed. Fear no beer. Diluted star-san or not.

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Email 5star! they have awesome customer service and will get back to you. I've had star-san poisoning panic in the past. Here is the redacted response I got from star-san. Note the response time.

----- Forwarded Message -----
Sent: Thursday, September 1, 2011 10:59:51 AM
Subject: RE: Star San and Copper safety?


You will be fine. Yes, Star San will shine copper up nicely. It might have pulled some oxalate off of the copper. This will not harm you. The metallic odor could be many things. It is probably the star san cleaning the copper. This is not toxic.

Five Star

From: GBX
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 9:42 PM
To: Support
Subject: Star San and Copper safety?


Last night I was bottling some homebrew and I had a tub of star san for sanitizing bottles and hoses. While I was siphoning into the bottling bucket I left the copper hose connector from the spigot soaking in the star san for about 10 or 15 minutes. After I removed it from the star san it was a bright copper colour (like a shiny new penny). I then reassembled the bottling bucket spigot and proceeded to bottle, giving every bottle a quick star san rinse immediately before filling. When I was done I noticed the star san had a slight metallic odour and when cleaning up I noticed that the copper hose connector had the same odour (but much stronger) as did my hands after touching it. Did I leach copper or some other toxic compound into the star san? Did I then contaminate every bottle with the final rinse before bottling? I didn't notice any change in Star San colour but it could have been missed due to that suds. I've heard about yeast precipitating out metals, but this is a hefeweizen and we will be drinking the yeast. Should this be something I concern myself with (and dump the batch) or am I over reacting?

I appreciate any feedback you can give. Thanks,

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I wouldn't expect 5-Star to tell you it's safe to drink, even if it is. Since it's not made for drinking, they probably won't want to claim it's safe to drink. Liability and all. Hopefully they'd be willing to share anecdotes though.

I'd be just as worried about what it did to the beer's taste.
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Star San doesn't need to be broken down to be yeast food. The phosphoric acid is a source of vital inorganic phosphate that all living things need to do the chemistry of life. Just by diluting it you make it yeast food.

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It was my impression that "breaking it down" made it non acidic or something? So the acidic form is the nutrient? I loooked on five star's site & found this tech sheet. It contradicts all we've been told...unless it means these things happen in it's concentrated form?'s the link to the tech sheet;
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I really think you're fine. There's plenty of phosphoric acid in sodas, and likely less in the beer you've diluted it in. Just taste it.
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Another vote for "you're fine, drink up." You've just diluted some already diluted acid with 4.75 gallons of beer.

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