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You could of also tried washing the yeast with chlorine dioxide. Cheap insurance
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Jul 2013
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If its smell, taste fine then it is good giving to another.

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Originally Posted by Cyclman
I would have let it finish, just out of curiosity to see what happened. If the starter finished and the beer from it tasted clean, it might have been just fine. Or, it might have been nasty vinegar bug juice.

But for a few bucks of yeast, no big loss to start over, compared to the risk of a ruined batch.
Yeah I thought about throwing the yeast in anyways to see if any bugs that got in would actually make a difference. This was for a westvleteren 12 clone though so I didn't want to waste 3 months of patience for a vinegar quad

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Jan 2013
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+1 on tossing it. You can half ass your brewing by pitching a possibly infected starter, or you can strive to make the best beer possible with proper sanitization. You opted for making the best beer possible. Good call.

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Old 07-27-2013, 08:03 PM   #15
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I'd bet those foam stopper could keep the bugs out.

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Old 05-17-2014, 05:36 PM   #16
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I recently had the same experience with a starter of 3711 and I decided to pitch the starter anyway. The beer turned out great with no signs of infection. Just wanted to give a positive experience from someone who had gone the opposite route. (I know 5 gallons is a lot to risk on a questionable starter, but sometimes it's intresting to roll the dice and see what becomes of it.)

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Old 09-29-2015, 07:33 PM   #17
Jun 2014
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Ah..I wish I had read this before pitching. Same here, found a fruit fly floating in my starter just as I was about to pitch. Serves me right for putting my stir plate next to the peaches and bananas. It was 11pm on a double batch day, so I probably was in a rush. I plucked the bugger out and dumped in the slurry. Fermation took off in a few hours, so I guess I'll know in 3 weeks if I've got some Goose Island Malt Vinegar or not.

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Old 09-29-2015, 07:41 PM   #18
Gavin C
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Jul 2014
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Hopefully the fly wasn't a heavily pregnant female.

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Dog House Brew
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I had this problem with a Kolsch a few months ago. I tossed it but learned a lesson. I now just unroll a section of paper towel and rubber band it over the neck of my flasks. I then put some foil loosely over that. The starter can breath, but those little bastids are locked out. I had nothing to pitch other than S-04. I just passed on the brew day.
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I would say good job on throwing it out. I agree with those that go for the "best possible end-product" route. It's one thing if this is one of the quick-turnaround styles, but a completely different story if you're long-term aging it. I just can't imagine a Westvinegar 12 tasting very pleasant.
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