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Can't wait to go AG...
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Originally Posted by Ó Flannagáin
I've been doing this with my hefeweizen... but yea, that's it. I make a different beer everytime now. I still haven't found any other recipe that I want to get down solid. I'm really hoping to find it in one of my belgians I've started brewing.
Hefe +1

I brew hefe regularly and have fine tuned it after not all that many batches. I'm not to AG yet, though. Will need to do the whole process again when I switch. But I like it, you learn what works/doesn't within the style and you also learn that very subtle changes can make big improvements to (or detractions from) the overall flavor of the beer.


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Don't think I could bring myself to do this, love variety too much. Its all I can do to get myself to not try strange experimental things that probably won't work every batch

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Oct 2006
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I've found myself working on my amber recipe. It's in V3.0 right now as I'm still trying to nail down the recipe flat. Then I'll stick with it and work on consistency. For the most part I try to brew whatever I think I'll want to drink in 2-3 months, which usually isn't very seasonal making it a tough job. Like right now I feel a hop phase coming on so it'll be Rye beers and IPA (perhaps, a RyePA?) for the next epoch.


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For the love of beer!
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I make 3 beers repeatedly and have "guest" every 3rd or 4th batch.

I've got the 3 beers to my liking so I'll introduce a guest as an house now and stick with that.

Currently my "House" Ales are Hob Goblin, Boddington's and OSH.
I'll introduce a porter next, then an IPA then a Blonde.
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I brew what I like and never clone. This has led me to two FINE beers that are really hard to find commercial (good ones anyway) examples of: dusseldorf altbier and munich helles.

Both are malty and delicious ... the altbier is a pain sometimes (you have to keep that wyeast 1007 at 60 degrees for 7-10 days) but the payoff is sensational.

I am constantly making these 2 beers just to keep up with monthly beer meetings.

The rest of the stuff I make is all for fun ... I tinker with pale ales, vienna lagers, stouts, belgians (awful beers), wheats, etc.

the fun is in the discovery.

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I'm just over a year into brewing now and the first 9 months or so was all over the place. Except for hefeweizen (which I made a ton of during the summer) I don't think I made a single recipe twice. I also felt myself succumbing to the 'kitchen sink' recipe syndrome.

Lately I've been concentrating on perfecting my ordinary bitter, dry stout, oatmeal stout and my Rye Ale. All very simple recipes that taste great and everyone seems to love them.
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I have 2 regular house beers, my SNPA clone and my Wit Beer. I recently changed the wit beer recipe after getting feedback from a competition, but I really can't taste the difference by much. I try to keep a couple of these on hand at all times (though I'm out of one right now and on the last keg of the other). I'll brew them back to back sometimes to reuse the yeast cake and I think it helps me keep my process down. I find that my efficiencies on these beers are fairly consistent. I'll brew new recipes and styles about every 2-3 brews though to keep a little variety down. Over the years, I have several recipes that I'll go back to and make again and again, just not very frequently.

I'm thinking of adding 3 more regulars into the line up but not until I build a bigger kegerator and pick up some more cornies.
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I'm working on nailing down a house recipe pale ale also. Once I get some good consistency on it, I plan to start experimenting with different hops.

I figure that will be a good way to learn the intricacies of different varieties, since the hops will be the only variation between batches.
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Apr 2007
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I need to reclaim the family name, I make Irish Red Ales every few brews. I finally made it almost perfectly and my notes could have used some more detail a few batches ago. So Im starting to think better notes make better beer.

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