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Jan 2005
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Hi Everyone, I'm taking a little poll...

I've been an All-Grain Brewer for about 10 years now, and I've never used the same config twice. Every batch is a Frankenstein of new equipment, impromptu corrections, and good intentions gone haywire. Luckily, no beer has ever been ruined.

I'm in the process of a career change, and since professional brewing is cost-prohibitive and low-paying (I've got kids to put through college), I want to produce brewing equipment for the homebrewer. While I have plenty of experience with my own equipment needs, I want to see what the world is looking for. If any of you want to chime in, please answer a few questions:

What part of the brewing process gives you the most trouble?
What piece of equipment is on your wishlist, but is too expensive to consider?
Do you have a specific need that you've never been able to find a product for?

I'm interested in helping find solutions for any part of the process, from recipe formulation through pouring it into the glass. Thanks for your help,
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May 2011
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Mill motorizing kits. It seems like many of us want to do this, but we're all hodge-podging to get it done. Buying a garage door opener motor is the hot topic here in DIY forum right now.

a kit to do this would be great in my opinion. perhaps even work with MM or someone to offer a "complete kit".

I just picked up a motor, I'll have to make a mount of some kind, after adapting the garage door opener to accept a lovejoy, and then make it "pretty". I might have considered paying someone for all of that if I could have.

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Aug 2011
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I am on a fairly tight budget so the more expensive pieces of equipment are getting assembled slowly over time. My next project will probably be a keezer.

I am using a corona style mill for my grain but would like a good roller mill. If you can come up with a way to get a full hopper version for $50 or less I would be first in line.

If I ever hit the jackpot an electric brewery would be in the works.

Other than these ramblings I have nothing constructive to offer.

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Mar 2012
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A lot of people are building their own conicals with plastic sprayer equipment. I think a person could make a ton of dough building a plastic conical from the ground up and selling it at a fair price in comparison with the DIY sprayer style conicals.

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Feb 2010
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I wish I could come up with something for you, but if my few years of brewing experience have taught me anything, most homebrewers like to build their own shtuff. If I were to point you in a direction, something to make cleaning easier. Easily the worst part of this hobby/obsession/lifestyle/addiction.

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Sep 2012
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Come up with a more efficient way to cool wort.

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Jul 2012
Killeen, TX
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Stainless Steel Autosiphon. The patent is expired, but I suspect the machining might be a bear. Not a machinist/tool guy so I can't speak to it. I wonder why no one else has done it.
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Apr 2011
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I made my own upsidedown keggle MLT valve arm but i think others can benefit from it.

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Jul 2012
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Your probem is going to be "scale"... some of the other manufacturers make other stuff and brewing equipment is justone of thier "lines".

So: they get their raw materials way cheaper than we can and have all the tooling to build stuff.

I am not saying don't try this but you need to find a niche market where you can actually make some money....

I mean, what ever you do someone might copy your idea and then you have competition...

Good Luck....

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Apr 2013
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A 1500-1800 watt heat stick. They are inexpensive to make but risky to build yourself if you don't have the know how. There is a big gap in the market for them.

I myself and a lot homebrewers use the marshalltown heatstick from amazon. It is only 1000 watts and flickers on and off when it gets too hot.

There is this option for a 1800 watt heater but it costs around 150-180 and is pretty hard now to find.

If you could make a heat stick with 1500-1800 watts with a GFCI adapter it would help a lot of homebrewers that can't use propane or can only brew inside. I would imagine you can price it around 100 dollars and still have a lot of people ordering it.

Just my nickel minus three

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