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Nov 2012
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Brewed my fav Irish Red last weekend, however store wss out of Maris Otter so I used US 2 row instead. How will the flavor profile change, assuming everything else is the same?

9lb 2 row (previous version was 9lb maris otter)
1lb Vienna
1/2 lb Melanoiden
1/4 lb Crystal 40
1/4 lb roasted barley
1.5 oz fuggles, 30 min
.5 oz Wilamette 15 min

60 min boil, 152


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Sep 2012
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To me, 2-row has a more grainy, hay-like flavor than Maris Otter, which tastes a bit more like bread. But these things are a bit subjective. It would be a good exercise to try a split batch that is identical except for MO vs 2-row. I've never done that, but maybe I will.

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Mar 2012
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Hello, I find that 2 row produces a less flavorful beer and lighter too, kinda like the difference between a regular and light beer of the same brand.

I like the Maris Otter much better, but then again I like malt forward beers with a lot of flavor.

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Generic Pale malt (i.e. "2-Row", not to be confused with Pale Ale malt) doesn't have much of a flavor on its own (slightly grainy, like the poster before me pointed out), which is why many (but not all) SMaSH beers with 2-Row are somewhat uninspiring.
Maris Otter is a heritage strain of grain malted to be a Pale Ale malt, which has a rich, bready taste. It's quite distinct. Blended pale ale malts are somewhere in the middle, with most U.S. varieties slightly milder than continental European pale ale malts, and English pale ale malts being the most flavorful (with plenty of exceptions to that rule).

If your recipe calls for a Pale Ale malt but you can only get Pale 2-Row, it helps to add 8 oz or so of a Biscuit malt to produce some of the richer flavors. I like Briess Victory for this purpose.

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May 2012
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I'll comment that if you can't get the MO, next time add some victory or some biscuit malt. It'll get ya closer.

MO will lend a sweeter, more bready rich flavor to the beer. The two row will leave a blank, slightly grain like canvas that if you don't have much going on, will leave it a little lack luster.

I use basic cheap 2 row pale when I've got a beer that will be slammed with specialty grains.. with the exception of my russian imperial stouts.. I'll use MO or even golden promise.
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