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I brew in the backyard. Not for heat shields, but for windshields, I use ceramic floor tiles right against the burner stand. I've had three of four sides shielded and no problems.
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Originally Posted by gavball6 View Post
Next time you brew in the kitchen, let a massive boil over occur on the stove... That'll get her wanting you to brew in the garage pretty quick!

HaHaHaHa! besides, does she not think you need a fire extinguisher in the kitchen???

I brew in the garage 100% of the time 12 months long with propane. Always have some ventilation and be smart, it's fire and lots of hot liquids. A little common sense goes a long long way...........
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We have a mini extinguisher under the sink ill just bring it down with me. I've decided I'm going to brew in the garage regardless, I know it's safe. As everyone said you just have to be smart about it. It just makes sense, I have too much equipment to lug up to the kitchen all the time. I like the boil over idea, except for the part where I'll be cleaning it up! Thanks for the feedback all!

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Every time. Both garage doors open with a fan blowing out an a fire extinguisher handy

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Originally Posted by Mtn_Brewer View Post
That is an awesome bit of metalworking! It reminds me of the exhaust hoods in college chem lab.

Damn, now I want to build one....

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I set my burner up about 5 feet in front of my garage door. When I get to the point of building a HERMS, I'll move it into the garage completely and set up some ventilation.
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Another garage brewer chiming in. 100% of the time I brew in the garage. I started there because I thought sunlight would skunk my beer. Now I just do it because that is where all my stuff is. I open the attic door and the garage door and have no problems. I have a carbon monoxide detector in there but it has never so much as made a peep when I'm brewing. It goes off if I leave my car running with the garage door open so I know the detector works.

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10 years of brewing in my garage on a "turkey fryer" propane set up. I set up near the 16' door, with it wide open. In the winter, I may wear a sweatshirt...

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Aug 2011
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I generally brew outside (under my deck) but sometimes during snowstorms I've brewed in the garage, as others have said I always keep a fire extinguisher on every level of the house, so I'm ready for the worst, I also have a CO detector in the garage (we don't keep cars in there) and thus far it's never gone off while I've been brewing. I do however keep the garage door wide open.

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Old 07-15-2013, 01:08 AM   #20
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I brew in the garage 100% of the time. I leave the garage door open for ventilation. Not a problem at all.

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