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My LHBS is kind of middle of the road. They owner is nice enough as long as you're not asking questions about brewing. I'd almost forgotten how annoying it was because I haven't askd him a question in quite some time. Then my wife and I were getting ready to bottle the wine kit that I got her for Christmas so we went in asking about corkers and the differences between the different kinds and since we only needed 30 bottles if we could split a box of 12 in half. He said no to the splitting the box, which was understandable (it was worth a shot), but the attitude he gave me for even suggesting it was pretty annoying. He also gave us quite the attitude when we decided to get the cheaper corker 'cause my wife wasn't sure if she wanted to keep doing wine making. I keep going there because he's close and I can usually get in and out without asking any questions, but I think it's eventually going to drive away the business of the newer brewers.
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I once asked about adding vanilla flavor to a porter and the response was, "Why would I want to?" Uh because I want to and because I was buying every other ingredient from you should be good enough to not get the question.

Oh well, I still shop there because its close and have almost everything I need and I get a 10% discount from my home brew club, so it's hard to avoid.

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We have 2 shops in town. The one I've been going to since 97 is pretty good. When I started, it was just the owner and he was pretty helpful. As he's grown, he isn't there as much and pretty much always has college guys on staff. UofA is right up the street. Many of those guys are taking courses at school related to brewing. Some of them are new to brewing, but all of them are enthusiastic and helpful.

I went in to the other store (which is way closer to my house) once. I did not like it at all and I noticed the guy running it was someone who gave me garbage info years before at my store.

I've only spent a couple dollars, for a few small pieces of equipment, over the net.

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I dont care for my local shop very much. When I first started I bought everything there. Now as the years have past I buy fewer and fewer items there because the prices just can not compete with most on-line vendors. Since I started buying less and less in his shop he has a much different demeanor towards me. He actual said to another brewing buddy of mine when I wasnt there the... "your friends with that one guy... Yeah, he really pinches his pennies." Needless to say in his shop I do lol!

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I have 2 stores within 3 miles of my work. Unfortunately one of them is really a hydroponics store with homebrew supplies and the other one is a beer store with homebrew supplies. I work for a small business and would gladly pay a bit more to buy local but the selection and assistance I can get from the big internet shops makes them the easy choice. I would love to have a lhbs that was truly a lhbs and nothing else.
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Originally Posted by ThatGeekGuy
Where I live there is the LHBS that's been around since 1971, and a new place that opened about a year ago. Both are about the same distance in opposite directions. When I got back into brewing last year, I read some online stories about how the older store talked down there nose to noobs. I didn't know about the new store yet, so went shopping with some trepidation. Suprisingly(?), everyone at the store was courteous if not downright helpful in getting me back into the fold.

Then I discovered the new place, smaller shop with less volume/selection but extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, even if they just have questions and aren't ready to make the leap yet. They give a 10% discount to members of the two closest local homebrew clubs, and will happily order/stock anything you want if they don't have it.

No real point to my ramble I guess, just fortunate to have two good LHBSs within 20 miles....
Which stores are u referring to? I just got into the hobby and always looking for new shops, specially close to my house.

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Originally Posted by unionrdr View Post
The owner of JW Dover (& Black Box Brewing) is a really great guy. He even took time out of his brewing schedule one time to help push my car out of it's parking space to give me a jump so I could get back home (Westlake to Sheffield). He's a bearded guy that looks a bit younger than me & smokes cigars. Hummer H3 too with chrome & such. I love how they're willing to help & will discuss problems/theories with you. The head brewer fella did just that with me when the BB trade I did came in & I had questions about cleaning vs cracking. He was very willing to discuss his version of the problem with me. Not much heat on the normal strenght PBW solution & scrub it out & rinse quickly. No soaking as with other plastic fermenters was the answer. I really dug that a pro brewer would enjoy taking the time to discuss brewing related theories with me. Cool.
I stopped shopping at JW because of the terrible service I get every time I went in. I have taken my business to Mike at Home Brew Ohio in Sandusky.

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Originally Posted by Yellowirenut
i am new to this hobby (started in January) But have always noticed the LHBS. Its in the odd part of town with the tattoo parlors, cell phone shops and record stores - yes real vinyl. About 3 years ago he moved into a shop 1/4 the size of his old one. Seemed odd to me because i figured it was a niche market.

After I started this hobby I decided to visit his shop. Its maybe a 12x20 storefront. Upon walking in i notched it was all mainly LME kits along with beginner bucket kits. They had all the scrub brushes and accessories. it was actually quite sad to see. He only had about 6 different grains and i can say many of you on here have a larger quantity than what he carried. In talking to him he seemed grumpy but we all have off days. He did allow me to order a one gallon kit but with a but interpretation. Then it took 3 weeks to get in.

I think the internet shops and the wide information out there has killed small local shops unable to keep up. Just like any business if you do not keep up with the latest in thing or keep keen to the knowledge that is available to your customer they will go else-wear. Its the knowledge of the homebrewer that I believe is perplexing many LHBS. They have had a store since the 70's and where at one time the only place to go. Now they are being left behind.
Are you from Fort Wayne by chance?
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Originally Posted by jeremy0209 View Post
What is it with these shop owners? I've received a few attitudes from LHBS owners, myself. I'm pretty sure if I had a shop, I would do everything in my power to kiss the customer's ass and keep them coming back. Morebeer is opening a facility on the east coast and that means two day shipping to pretty much everywhere. No more BS from the LHBS for me.
Have you tried Weak knee in Pottstown? I know it's a bit of a drive, but they have always been good to me. The one on Gregg St. is almost useless except for some caps, or a pack of dry yeast once in a while.
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Originally Posted by jpeebs View Post
Are you from Fort Wayne by chance?

There is another shop on Dupont. hops n harvest. Nice girl was running it when I stopped by. Better grain selection but its mainly a hydroponics shop.

Brewers art selection was just very lacking. To tell the truth the Do It hardware store in New Haven has the same Items.
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