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Apr 2012
Lincoln County, TN
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I bought a brand new autosiphon over the internet (Haven't contacted the company so I'll hold naming them until I hear back from them) and the dang thing doesn't work worth a dang.

I checked the so-called check valve in the main bore and it doesn't even pretend to hold a seal. This is the same reason I bought a new one, my old one that came with my brewer's kit from NB started doing the same thing.

This is do danged frustrating!!! Is there any way to fix these things? I tried blowing it out to get any misc crap out of the check valve - no joy.

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Sep 2012
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Not helpful at all, but the auto siphon is a POS.

I vote to ditch it ASAP, get your money back if you can and figure out another way to transfer liquids (spigots, gravity etc.)

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Jul 2012
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Sometimes the seal wears and it won't hold it's suction. I usually just put a bit of starsan down the outer tube so the liquid helps seal the inner tube to hold its siphon. Could try that to see if it helps.
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Jun 2013
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My 5 foot 1/2 inch hose has never failed me.

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Jan 2011
U.P., Michigan
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Don't feel bad, I just bought a new one that did the same thing. Junk!

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Nov 2012
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I just use a regular old racking cane. Never got an auto siphon to work reliably.

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Aug 2009
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So what does it do? Nothing? It would have to leak like a sieve to not start a siphon. The problem I had with auto siphons was cracking. Apparently they fixed that. Now the valve?

I just checked my spare and it works fine. I donít find a date or a lot code.

You people that donít use them, what do you do? I used to use a turkey baster to start a siphon, but the newer ones are too weak.

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Jan 2013
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I have started going spigot to spigot with a short piece of hose and it is much easier

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Nov 2012
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Originally Posted by Wynne-R View Post
You people that donít use them, what do you do? I used to use a turkey baster to start a siphon, but the newer ones are too weak.
It's a manual method.
-Racking cane connected to hose in beer (I use a bucket clip to hold the cane)
-Holding other end of hose w/ turkey baster tip inserted (tube only, no bulb)
-Suck on baster until beer reaches my hand about 6" from end of hose (need to keep hose at or above top of racking cane)
-Pinch hose, move to other container and release

The first 6 times were awkward but now it's pretty straight forward. My mouth only ever touches the turkey baster and beer never reaches the end of my hose until it's flowing into another container. It's not perfect but I have yet to find the "perfect" solution. I like it better than filling the hose with starsan or water. I like it better than an autosiphon. I don't like it as much as pressure/vacuum transfers.
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Apr 2007
western/central new york
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I use a carboy hood with a 1/2 inch racking cane pushed through the middle. you can then attach an air filter and blow through it to start the flow or....

VERY CAREFULLY, pressurize the carboy with co2 just enough to start the flow.


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