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Jan 2011
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I must have trained my Aussies pretty well. They know that when I'm racking, they can watch, but they're not allowed in the laundry room.

If they see me walking around with a full carboy in my hands, they move out of the way or they get cussed at.

If you think that Lab hair is an issue, you should try 2 full-blooded Aussies... I have tumble-weeds of dog hair that roll behind me when I walk by...


Originally Posted by Misplaced_Canuck
Carbonic bite? Is that like the bubonic plague?
Originally Posted by ebstauffer
Needless to say after more than a few drams my mental efficiency matched my mashing efficiency.

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Dec 2011
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Oh... my Lab knows to stays out of the kitchen... I brew in the garage or in the driveway.



"Brewed Fresh from the North End of Puget Sound"

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May 2013
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This little brewmate follows me everywhere I go during brew day. He had been standing like this for about five minutes, which is quite unusual. It wasn't until me and my buddy went upstairs and I heard a howl I understood that he was actually stuck between the table and the wall.
Click image for larger version

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Aug 2011
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He enjoys the excitement of hearing the propane roaring and the sweet smell in the air and the cool garage floor lol He also likes the peanut butter treats made from the spent grains

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Feb 2013
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I used to have a doberdane. Best dog I ever had. You would swear he could understand English perfectly. Asked him to get me the phone once when I was laid up wit the damned if he didn't bring it...

Bailey (my dog) also liked to drink. He preferred import over domestic, I felt the same way. He drank a whole 6-pack of Guinness once. It was the only time he ever passed out on my bed and would not get up. I let it slide that time. Bailey weighed 160lbs, so he could hold it well. He lived a full long life for his breed, nine years. Cancer and arthritis got him in the end.

I know hops are bad for dogs. But I never allowed him to have any IPA's. He would refuse to drink Natural Light. They say a dog is a reflection of their owner. In the case of Bailey, this was the truth. He also had a weakness for pretty women.

Not a very relative reply, I know. But this post made me think of my ol' friend. I wanted to share it.

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Old 07-08-2013, 08:14 PM   #16
Apr 2012
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I suppose Im lucky. My lab, while in all other aspects of his world, is quite calm during brew sessions. He doesn't quite care for the sound of the mill and Im pretty sure he thinks the burners are pure evil. So for the most part of the brew day he hangs out on the floor mat and watches. BUT as soon as the boil ends his curiosity gets the best of him-

He has licked the stirring spoon after whirlpool
licked the frame of the brew stand where it was a bit too hot
Touched his nose on the hot side of the plate&frame
Bumped the hose from the plate&frame to the fermenter (I was upset, he got something to lick up)
Tail has knocked over a few graduated cylinders (he is the reason I moved to plastic)
He does help clean up bits of grain that makes it to the floor.

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Mar 2013
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Tail has knocked over a few graduated cylinders (he is the reason I moved to plastic)
I'm pretty sure that makes you lucky! My Lab's tail is pure hell and does more damage than most of his chewing.

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Jun 2013
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My first ever brew was tested and approved
successful by our newest Husky .. Dozer

He had only been part of the Marquez Racing HQ Team a few days, and already part of the family.

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Sep 2012
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Mine guards the fermenter while I brew.....he thinks he is a doberman!
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Originally Posted by WharfRat View Post
Lets all admit too that husky fur is an inevitable component of everything we make - I think it helps my sparges.
You've probably never had a stuck mash!

I've got three pugs and they patiently wait for the grain bag to get pulled so they can get their share of spent barley.

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