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Sep 2011
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... as far as food.

What is your (or your better half’s) “go to” dish or appetizer when going to a party or potluck?

I just dropped off an appetizer to a 4th party I’m going to. To my dismay they were eaten by the time I left ... so much for the guests ... I’m heading back to the store to make another batch.

What I made was something that used to be served in Italian Delicatessens in a bowl on the counter for customers to try ... they are Cherry Shooters ... aka Peperoncini Ripieni.

Cherry Shooters are cherry peppers about the size of small ping-pong balls with the seeds taken out and then stuffed with Italian lunchmeat like capicola and a cheese like smoked provolone, and then partially covered with extra-virgin olive oil.

Unbelievably good, they really have to be tried ... a giant hit.

They can be stuffed with all sorts of things ... my favorite recipe is the following ...

The peppers I use are Mezzetta ...

Here’s the recipe ..

Cherry Pepper Shooters
12 – 16 Marinated cherry peppers
1/2 Lb. smoked or sharp Provolone cheese
4 – 6 Slices capicola or prosciutto (approximately 1/8 Lb.)
Olive Oil (EVOO)
1 Large clove garlic, peeled and sliced

Rinse the cherry peppers under running water. With a paring knife, remove the stems. Using a melon-baller, knife or small spoon, remove the seeds and ribs.

Cut the provolone into cubes small enough to fit into the cherry peppers. Wrap each piece of cheese with a thin ribbon of capicola. Stuff one into each pepper.

Place the peppers in a clean glass jar, distributing the garlic as you go. Fill the jar with enough olive oil that has had just a bit of salt and pepper added to it, to cover the peppers.
Let sit, refrigerated, overnight before serving.
Serve shooters at room temperature with lemon wedges.

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I usually take "Baked Potato" salad. I get the fingerling potatoes and roast them with EVOO, salt, pepper, and thyme. Then dress the salad with mayo, sour cream, and all the stuff that goes on a baked potato.

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I think I just used those same peppers (unpickled) and stuffed them with cheese then stuffed them in big balls of sausage meat to throw in the smoker. Are they less hot than jalepenos?
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Sep 2011
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Originally Posted by Cider123 View Post
I think I just used those same peppers (unpickled) and stuffed them with cheese then stuffed them in big balls of sausage meat to throw in the smoker. Are they less hot than jalepenos?
yep, there even a bit milder than pickled pepperocini (not as tart) ... though you can find hotter style cherry peppers.

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Rumcake I got this bunt pan that makes a cake that looks like a sand castle. So I make my rum cake in it, then turn out on a plate covered in brown sugar so it looks like a real sand castle. I sometimes take real whipped cream, not the partially hydrogenated oil stuff. It is amazing how many people are in awe of the taste of real whipped cream.

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I love those stuffed cherry peppers! I made a bunch for a Halloween party, even pickled the peppers myself. Then a big snowstorm hit, and party was cancelled. I gave them to my FIL and took off for a Keys vacation.

Usually I bring ABTs to parties. Stuff seeded jalepeno halves with cream cheese, shredded cheese, and dry rub. Wrap in a half slice of bacon, roll in brown sugar, and smoke at 300*. Lots of recipes also call for a Lil Smokey or other sausage, but I prefer just cheese.
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Sep 2012
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My favorite (and easiest) is home fried tortilla chips.

Buy big stack of cheap corn tortillas, cut into sixths, and deep fry @ 350 ish in corn oil until golden. salt while hot and put on rack or paper towels to dry. If they aren't crunchy the oil isn't hot enough.

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I always bring BBQ chili dip (layered hot dip - my own BBQ chili, cream cheese, green onions, salsa, etc.) and chips.

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I take nothing. It's a party, and I'm not a caterer.

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Wings 4 ways (hot, Asian, Jerk, garlic) is my staple.

My wife makes a killer 7 layer dip.

If I go to my BIL's, it's home brew of any kind. He loves it.
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