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Feb 2012
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I don't even give my dog garden hose water (unless it's time to get a new dog).

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Nov 2010
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I just use a RV drinking safe hose and run it through a standard filter you buy from the local brew shops. Works and tastes just fine.

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Jan 2008
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It seems crazy to spend all the money to get a brewing setup and then use a garden hose for your water source.

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Drinking water safe hoses are to cheap not to use in the big picture of what we spend on brewing.
Give a man a beer, waste an hour. Teach a man to brew, and waste a lifetime! - Bill Owen

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Mar 2013
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I use mine to run the wort chiller!

However to the serious nature of the post, It appears that the health concerns are as follows:
1. Brand new hoses that have not had enough water running though them to leach out whatever chemicals are in there.
2. As in many things its not incidental contact, or a sip of water or occasional ingestion in small amounts that are the problem, it is questionable hoses that have long term ingestion/contact situations happening.
3. This would mean since much of this is heavy metal contact that is not boiled out of your brew that actually brewing with your garden hose could be something of a crapshoot. Could a few brews hurt you, not likely but long term the damage could be there.
4. You could get your water tested like many do from their tap to see the water profile if you want to use a hose and have a clear mind.
5. You could get a food safe hose and not worry about it. (This may be cheaper than sending your hose water off to a lab to check it.)
6. See what chemicals are found commonly in hoses particular to country of origin. Remember though heavy metals are very slow to be removed if at all from the body so the accumulation factor is what gets anyone.
7. Save empty gallon water/milk/juice jugs ahead of time and fill them with the desired water from the faucet to have available on brew day.
8 Relax, have a home brew or brew period after a riveting discussion I never thought I would have about garden hoses.
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Same brand. Same specs. Just different color and price.

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Jan 2008
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That's not your typical garden hose though... its marketed as "lead free" for "organic gardening."

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Old 07-12-2013, 04:15 AM   #58
Nov 2012
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rubber garden hose...

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Feb 2013
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i spoke with my grandfather last night on the phone and asked him about drinking from the garden hose. he said of course we did. we drank just about any water we could find when we were out terrorizing the neighbourhood. he said we never ran in the house to get a glass of water, cut in to our time. He then laughed at me after i told him about this debate. LOL he said that being worried about all the little things in life were going to kill me.

and yes i have always drank for the garden hose and will continue to.

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Jan 2013
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Originally Posted by PackerfaninSanDiego View Post
I'll take the word of the EPA over some random Bing results.


Also, don't use Bing.

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