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Sep 2006
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I have to say I was worried about the AG experience, so I did a few partial mashes, and was VERY pleased with the results ...

AG was the logical next step !

FlyGuy's design is so easy and satisfying to build and use ... cooler + parts for <$50 (5 gallon) ..

SO AG here you go!
Bill Clark
Windham, VT

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Mar 2007
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You may want to look into simply buying an immersion chiller versus building one. I was all set to make a pre-chiller this summer and even bought all the necessary hardware. Ran me about $75. Checked out MoreBeer and they had one for $54. Added a couple of other items and got free shipping. Took all the stuff I bought back to Lowes and came out with what I needed plus a little.
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Sep 2007
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Don't worry about AG. I did it as my first beer, and everything went well. By doing a few extract batches you know a lot more about the brewing process than I did when I tried. If you build an MLT (10 gal), and I assume you've researched the process on this forum, it will go very smoothly.

Regarding the chiller, don't worry about using a 25' 3/8 IC. A 50' IC would be quicker (maybe overkill for a 5g batch), but a 25' IC is better than not using one.

You'll do fine - it's fun.



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Aug 2007
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You'll be fine. Just go for it.

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Old 10-19-2007, 08:54 PM   #15

Yes, even a 25'-30' chiller is better than nothing. Mine is a home made 25' and it still cools the wort in 20-30 mins., depending on conditions.

I'd suggest starting with a simple recipe so that you can concentrate on the process and not have a bunch of steps to have to accomplish along the way. I read this guys method before I began.

Here's how my first AG session went. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes. And even though I did make mistakes, the beer turned out fantastic!

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine.

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Old 10-21-2007, 05:52 PM   #16
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Sep 2007
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I did my first AG about a month ago and the only problems I had were my cooler wasn't holding the heat enough and my eff was only 62%.

I had a drop of 6F in half an hour in my cooler. Keep some HOT water ready! I may mash in a kettle next time in case I need to add heat.

I think my eff was low because I had the supplier mill my malt. I think it wasn't fine enough.

Good luck. It wasn't as bad as I thought.
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