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Jun 2013
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I drank a bottle of GT's Kombucha today that I bought at Whole Foods. It was my first time having Kombucha, and I wasn't aware that it could have intoxicating effects. About 90 minutes after drinking the Kombucha, I noticed I was feeling fatigued. I had just finished a short workout at the gym, so I thought maybe I was just feeling tired from that. As I was driving my car, I began to realize that something was becoming more wrong. I began having difficulty focusing as I was driving, and stimuli were affecting me in a strange way. I felt that my mental and physical perception was being distorted, and that my motor skills were slightly impaired. It's difficult to describe exactly what it's like to be on LSD or Psilocybin mushrooms, but I almost immediately recognized that this felt like LSD, which I had taken a couple of times several years ago. I came up fast. An hour or so later I was feeling much more normal, but now several hours later I am still not completely back to normal. The experience has felt almost exactly how I remember the experience of taking a small dose of LSD. I was having mild hallucinations, and my thoughts were wandering in ways that they normally don't. I felt impared mentally and physically, and I still feel slightly intoxicated several hours later. I'm just wondering if anybody can shed some light on this for me. Does this happen to people often from drinking Kombucha? Does it mean the bottle I drank was contaminated? Could it have been an allergic reaction? Should I go to the hospital?
I also have to acknowledge that I can't be 100% sure the Kombucha was the cause of my smptoms. There is a chance that I came into contact with something else that may have poisoned me, but under the circumstances the Kombucha seemed the most likely cause by far.

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I can be 100% sure that the kombucha, especially not GT's, was the cause of that feeling. Kombucha makes you feel a little funny, granted, but don't go to the hospital. I'm thinking either a flashback or you touched something lying around. In the words of Dan Akroyd playing Jimmy Carter "Try takin' some vitamin B complex, some Vitamin C complex, if you have a beer drink it, just remember you're a living organism on this planet and you're very safe, you've just taken a heavy drug"


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Jun 2013
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Your first sentence doesn't make sense. I take it you're saying you're 100% sure the kombucha was NOT the cause of the symptoms. I don't think you can be 100% sure of that. It's a fermented, unpasteurized product. There is definitely a risk of contamination by toxic microorganisms.

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Drink another kombucha (perhaps a lesser quantity) when you're in a safe environment and have the time to ride it out if you experience the same symptoms. Its hard to draw conclusions from a single event.
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Maybe you had an allergic reaction to something. Maybe it was tainted--I'd avoid that brand in the future.

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Kombucha is a detox - sounds like you had a mild flashback as part of a healing experience. The Kombucha may have helped "dislodge" the toxins but it is highly unlikely you were poisoned by the Kombucha - more like you were poisoned by your own body and previous behaviors. In fact, it could be part of a Herxheimer reaction, which is a "healing crisis" and would be consistent with detox protocol: http://www.kombuchakamp.com/2011/09/...ng-crisis.html

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May 2013
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On a side note, I tried drinking kombucha after working out and although I'm normally a kombucha fan and would of thought it would be a refreshing post-workout drink - it wasn't!

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Jan 2013
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Do you have another bottle you can give me?

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Old 07-03-2014, 07:17 PM   #9
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Toxic organisms and detox?

Unless you went somewhere special, this is probably the newer, tweaked "Enlightenment" kombucha, which was changed to prevent any kind of alcohol production in the bottle. It's barely kombucha by any meaningful definition (and may not be by some). Most of them are high enough in acidity, and low enough in fermentables, to prevent any kind of "infection" with "toxic organisms."

OP, you probably just had a flashback or some other kind of reaction. Have another bottle, if you like, and see what happens. I doubt it was anything in the kombucha.
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Flashbacks from LSD ingestion are an urban myth.

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