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Jul 2007
Montreal Canada
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Hi all.

I'm getting close to doing my first AG but I still have a couple of things to work out.

One of those things is how do people cool a sample of runnings to take a SG reading? Maybe you don't cool it at all and just adjust for temp?

Thanks, Jaf.
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Madtown Brew
Jun 2007
Madison, WI
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I just fill up a small cup and put it in a cold water bath. As long as the sample volume is small, then it should cool within 5 minutes.
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Sep 2006
Ontario, Canada
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I just throw mine in the freezer for a few minutes while I get the boil going. I plan to get a refractometer soon to avoid that whole situation but for now the freezer works fine for me.
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Apr 2007
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Mythbusters on Discovery Channel did an episode on the fastest method to cool a sixpack. The coldest/fastest was ice, water, and salt. It got down to about 25 deg. F. Maybe a mason jar in an ice/water/salt bath. Haven't tried this so take it with a grain of salt. LOL.


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Aug 2006
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It only takes about 10 minutes in the freezer but the salty icewater bath would do it nicely as well. Give the wort a little stir with the hydrometer every minute for 3 minutes and it should be 70F.
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Oct 2005
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circulating ice bath works best IMHO.

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Mar 2007
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put my sample in a pilsner glass filed with ice water. cools it in a mater of min.

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Jan 2007
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Originally Posted by bradsul
I just throw mine in the freezer for a few minutes while I get the boil going...
Did that once...forgot it.

Wort popsicle.

I toss my samply into my stainless steel pot I used throughout the brew process and drop it into my shop sink with cold tap water. Nice and shallow in the pot so it cools quick.

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Old 10-17-2007, 03:31 PM   #9
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Mar 2007
Nashville, TN
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I used to use software to adjust for temp here. Now I use a refractometer. Bought it off ebay for $35. Figure I save a couple of pints just by not taking some much out for a sample.
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Jul 2007
Brighton, UK
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I have always 1/4 filled a measuring cylinder with wort, then top up to 4/4 with water I've put in the fridge before I start brewing, then multiply reading by 4 (although this way you potentially lose some accuracy due to inability to read to 1/4 degree sg) - it seems i'm alone in doing this though

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