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Bernie Brewer
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Originally Posted by retardedsloth View Post
nicely written, however one question: Why is there a bottle of red stripe in your fridge?
LOL! I bought a Sixer of that crap for a Buffett concert and could only choke down one while tailgating. That one in the pic is prolly 2 years old at the lime of posting, and has long since been dumped.............
I like to squeeze the nickle until the buffalo craps-mt rob

"Why don't we get drunk and screw?" Jimmy Buffett

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1,072 posts later, all I have to say is, "Thanks- it works!"

I harvested 1968 and 1056 last weekend from a couple batches that came out of their primaries and used the poorest-looking jar to make starters ~24hr prior to pitching. The starters were vigorous, so I can't wait to check the basement to look for signs of fermentation now that it's been 12 hours since pitching...

I love the extra mad-scientist bent and cost savings this adds.

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Thought I'd contribute the dumbest thing to this thread: Living in the San Fernando Valley, I don't even know where to buy mason jars. We're just far too detached from the 20th century to bother with anything like canning.

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Jul 2011
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Stater Brothers, or a large grocery store would have them. Just ask at the store.

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Mar 2011
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Since I'm lazy I store trub and all into Mason jars and refrigerate them. Should I bring it up to room temp when I attempt to wash when I have time? Or feel motivated?

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I have washed yeast successfully from the primary on my past two brews and used one in a brew today and it took off like crazy with the 2L starter. These were washed from primary after 2 weeks while racking to secondary.

Is there any issue using yeast that has been in primary for 4-5 weeks because I am going to quit using secondary in my future brews and go straight primary.


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Jan 2011
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I am interested in using this yeast washing method but I have a question. What is the real reason for even doing it? I have heard of people who rack a beer to a keg the same day that they brew and just put the wort directly from the chiller into the carboy they just racked with the yeast still in it.

Is there any real problem doing that?

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Apr 2010
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Ther's no problem doing that, but if you want to store the yeast for a while, you can wash it to a more convenient container than your carboy Not much space in the fridge to keep a carboy on ice.

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If you take the exhausted yeast out, you do need to feed it again to get a good culture going in the wort. If you take yeast out of the primary, there is a risk that it won't reproduce as it should. The longer the yeast is on the bottom of the wort, the less active it is.
( I THINK) The reason people do yeast washing is you can get very good results and not have to spend money for yeast. You also can get very good repeatability since you are using yeast that has been proven to work. I personally don't reuse yeast because my brew cycles are too far apart to make it viable.

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