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Dec 2011
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My wife (soon to be ex) got me a Mr Beer kit as a gift Christmas of 2011. I jumped in right away and threw together my first batch that day before taking the time to do research on how to actually make decent beer. The first batch fermented too hot and had some off flavors. I punished myself for making bad beer by drinking it so I would learn from my mistakes. After a total of 4 Mr Beer batches I jumped right into 5 gallon all grain batches and recently bumped up to 11 gallon batches. I now have a 3 tap kegorator in my dining room and an entire closet full of brewing equipment. I have found that kegs are like rabbits and have a tendency to multiply...
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Jul 2011
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I had been getting more involved in craft beer for about 2 years, and then one day in 2005 I saw the episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown on homebrewing and said "I need to do that!"

Got a nice kit from Northern Brewer for Christmas that year from my sister, and I've been doing it ever since.

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Jul 2009
Kasson, Minnesota
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Four years ago, new neighbors moved in behind us and in gesture of being neighborly I offered him some Summit Pale Ale and some homebrew my brother had made as we sat around my backyard campfire. He was impressed by how great the beer was compared to his offering of Michelob Golden Light. About month later he bought his first Homebrew kit and together we made his first brew. 2 weeks later I dug out my old homebrew equipment, bought some new stuff and brewed up my first batch. The homebrew bug that bit my neighbor had reinfected me. About 1 year later, a new neighbor moved in across the street from me. This new neighbor came over as I was out in the garage brewing a batch of Pale Ale. After a few homebrews he told me he was a homebrewer back before his two kids came into the picture and was fascinated by my brewing process. About 3 weeks later, I glance up from my lawn mowing in the front yard and see this new neighbor brewing in his garage. The homebrew bug strikes again, reinfecting my new neighbor.
Another year passes and a new neighbor moves into the neighborhood. He comes over as my 2 homebrewing neighbors and I were sitting out in my garage drinking each other's homebrew and giving feedback. We pour him a glass of pale ale and IPA and he enjoys both beers and our company and homebrewing conversations. About a month later, the homebrew bug infects this new neighbor. There are now four of us in the neighborhood that actively homebrew. Two of us have moved to All-Grain brewing and 3 of us are now kegging. The four of us homebrewers have converted quite a few of our other neighbors into moving away from BMC type beers and into the craft beer world. Although they have yet to be bitten by the homebrewing bug they have made the switch to craft beer.
Little steps...

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Aug 2010
San Diego
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In college older friends/neighbors would pitch in a 6-pack here and there at our barbecues. Naturally some of these beers were far superior to the malt liquor 40's that were my standard fare at the time. I got hooked and desperately wanted to try more styles, but had no reliable way to procure them so after quite a bit of homework I bought myself supplies at the local homebrew shop for my 20th birthday and down the rabbit hole I went. Four years of almost weekly batches later I'm entering competitions left and right and enrolled in the UCSD brewing program this fall. None of my friends around my age brew, but they sure as hell enjoy the finished products.

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Jan 2012
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Around Thanksgiving 2011, I went to Williams-Sonoma, and saw a Brooklyn Brew Shop kit on sale. Since it was $40, I figured it wouldn't be too big an investment. Yeah, right. Eighteen months, and a couple grand later, and I'm still as clueless as I was that day.

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Apr 2013
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I wanted to try to raise rabbits for food so that year for Christmas my family got me a lot of country living books which had chapters on making wine and beer. Rabbits were a no go due to county regulation, but making booze is 100% legal. Started with wine, got tired of waiting to drink it, started beer 3 months ago and have 6 batches under my belt.

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Jan 2012
Kansas City, Kansas
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How I got into craft beer is here: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f29/im-n...r-snob-414782/.

How I got into homebrewing:
I had been a craft beer enthusiast for over a decade. I like to cook and many people have told me I'm good at it. Some of those people suggested that I combine my cooking abilities with beer and try making my own. One day a guy at work who had been pestering me to get into brewing sent me a link to a great sale Northern Brewer was having on starter equipment kits. I shared this with my wife who bought me a kit for my birthday. I waited until I read How to Brew and to buy the rest of the essentials to brew my first batch. After one extract kit and two mini-mash brews, I went all-grain. Having a blast!

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Nov 2012
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a little over 14 years ago, I worked with a machinist that got me into the obsession. my paternal grandparents brewed for decades, and my other grandpa used to dabble with wine & beer. I knew this all growing up, but never gave much thought to it. then I got some homebrews from the machinist (best machinist I ever knew). he took me down to our LHBS & got me set up. finally went AG over the last year.
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Apr 2013
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Was toying with the idea for a long while and after drinking some real swill. I thought that "there has to be something better than this" without paying 50bucks a case for beer. So far I've made some passable cider and some decent home made wine. Would like to try some simple easy beer at this point.

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Apr 2013
East Cambridge, MA
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Back in the 1990s, Baltimore Brewing Company employed a friend of mine. I loved their beers and after talking with him and some other friends, realized I could buy kits to make my own beer. So I went to the LHBS and picked up a Brewer's Best Kit and started making extract kits. I thought about doing all grain but it seemed like you needed a bunch of stuff for that. After moving around a lot and being stuck in places with no LHBS, apartments too hot to actually make anything other than high temp saisons (if I only knew about the style back then), I finally moved to Cambridge, MA into a place with a lagerraum, er basement. Moved to all grain (had I known how easy it is, I would have done it years ago) and generally have fun making and drinking my own beer.
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