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Jun 2011
Putnam, CT
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There has to have been a reason for all of us to start down this path to home brewing. Here is mine...A few years ago my wife and I were at a pub in Boston and I commented on a draft beer on the menu that cost $11.00. Because it was my birthday, my wife insisted that we try one. "It must be good if they are charging $11.00" she said. Little did I know that one glass of Schneider Aventinus was going to change my life! After convincing my favorite local package store to order it for me (at nearly $5.00 per bottle) we quickly began spending obscene amounts of money each week in our quest to try as many new beers as possible. Finally, we knew what we had to do...buy what we needed to brew our own. Now it's your turn. How about sharing your own reasons for getting involved in this totally rewarding hobby.
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Feb 2011
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There already is a very long thread about this very subject. But here goes.
I started making wine with a kit dad got when I was 15. It turned out so good dad bragged to relatives & would break out a bottle. So I started making winr til about age 30 & lost interest. I got tired of waiting a year to sample the fruits of my labors.
So There we were Christmas of 2010,kids grown up for the most part,My wife & I watching videos & having a beer. Our middle son askes why don't I start making wine again? I told him the reason I just gave. Plus I/we liked beer better at this point anyway. The lil lightbulb went off,& we started searching youtube fore home beer brewing videos. Found pho,steeljan,craigtube,revolutionary brewer,to name a few. So we decided to order the Cooper's microbrew kit. It had bottles and everything. I made various beers out of Cooper's cans for a couple of years. Then my wife brewed a couple kits herself with my guidance.
Now I brew partial mash biab,even using the occasional Cooper's can as the extract part. I also collected many gadgets that make the job easier &/or faster. It's getting to the point where I need my own fridge & a fermentation chamber...
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May 2013
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Simple: My stepchildren bought me a MrBeer kit for Christmas. Before even trying it I bought a couple of homebrewing books. Off we go!

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Nov 2012
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My son in law gave me a basic kit and equipment for Christmas a couple of years ago and I got hooked. Now I brew more than he does...

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Jun 2011
Chehalis, WA
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I had been making wing for a few years, I mentioned to my wife that I would like to start making it so she bought me a kit for Father's Day. After a year or two of winemaking I was down at my brothers house and noticed he had a mr. Beer kit in his garage. I asked him if he used it and he said no, then he said take it if you want... I tried that out and made some horrible beer, but bought a couple refills to try, the first one was again bad but on the last one I stopped follow the directions and made a pretty good beer. I figured I needed to learn more so I spent about a year researching brewing I just started getting into it in the last few months

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May 2013
Binghamton, NY
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My wife got sick of me spending $10 on a 6-pack at the store, around the same time a LHBS opened up in town. The stars aligned.

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Sep 2008
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When the current regime assumed power, I figured I would need a new hobby. So, I went back to an old hobby. I always hated dealing with the bottles, but kegging makes things SO much easier.

Now, kegs and brew gear have taken over the house.

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Jan 2013
Colorado Springs
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I hated "beer" my whole life....didn't seem worth drinking except to get drunk. THEN, my boss invited me over to help him brew some beer. being a do-it-yourself kind of guy, I thought I could learn something useful. it was an interesting experience, but a little like cooking......weeks later he invited me back to sample the results and I was like "crap....where has this been all my life". the rest is history.
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Feb 2012
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Walking around Bed Bath and Beyond with my wife around Christmas time 1.5 years ago, saw a Mr. Beer kit and jokingly told her she could get that for me. (Me not knowing there was more to homebrewing, sheltered life I know) Come Christmas time, opened a big box with a brewers best beginners kit. She took my idea, and as always, did some research and found that there was a different, more in depth way of doing things with more options. Then I found this wonderful thing called HBT. And I think SWMBO has been second guessing her decision to open the doors to this amazing hobby ever since.

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Jan 2013
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I also didn't care much for beer originally. I grew up in an area where Coors, Budweiser, michelob and Busch were popular and many liquor stores and bars didn't have anything else.

Then I got sent to Germany for my job. What an eye opener.

I've been interested in brewing my own for quite a while, but I always thought it was too expensive to get into. i never shopped around to see what was involved, Unfortunately. I had thought about getting a Mr beer for a while, but that seemed like it was "fake" beer. Then I got a groupon notice for a starter kit from Midwest. I thought 'wow, 50 dollars plus the cost of bottles? I can do that! '

my first couple brews were kits. and while they were still much better than commercial beer, I later upgraded to allow me to do all grain.

While I am still fairly new, I have only had one batch that didn't turn out the way I wanted. I was aiming for something like Sprechers hard root beer but ended up with what tastes like a mix of beer and root beer, which doesn't seem to mix too well. I'm still sitting on them hoping age will fix them. I'm glad I didn't keg them or I probably would have emptied the keg.

I've got a hard lemonade going right now that I hope turns out good, as well as a rye ipa planned.

I just need to find some more kegs now. I haven't had any luck with Craigslist. People either want more than the lhbs charges or they seem to be gone in minutes.
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