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So I'm about to start up one of my first batches of cider and I'm trying to figure out the best way to kill off all the nasties before I start the batch. Now, my brew guru tells me that I should just bring it up to 150 degrees and hold it there for 15 minutes before bringing it back down to to temp and pitching yeast (In this case I'm going to be using White Labs Sweet Mead). Now, I've been looking around here today and what I've seen suggested several times is to crush one campden tablet per gallon and then let that sit for 24 hours before pitching.

Now I know that bringing it up to temperature may add haze, but with either method I intend to add pectic enzyme to combat that.

My question is, which is better? Would the campden tabs linger and slow the yeast that I pitch? would they add any off / detectable flavor? Will heating change the profile of the sweet cider I'm starting with? Where is Waldo?
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I'm by no means an expert, but I do believe that heating it up will A) change the flavor and aroma of what was pristine cider, and B) not kill as much bacteria as campden tabs will.

My first batch of cider is in the fermenter now. I added campden tabs, then pectic enzyme 12 hrs later. 12 hours after that, I pitched my White Labs English Cider yeast, which had been bubbling away in an apple juice starter. The next morning, I had a 3/4" thick krausen, and it's still bubbling away right now. So to answer your other question, I don't think that the campden tabs will hurt your yeast if you wait long enough, and I've never heard of it causing any off-flavors.

Use the campden tabs. Safer that way. My $0.02.
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If you do decide to pasteurize, make sure you use pectic enzyme, or you'll set the pectin and end up with cloudy cider.

I've never really bothered with pectic enzyme in cider I didn't heat. Usually there's not much of a haze unless you've introduced enough heat to cause the pectin to set, kind of like jell-o.

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