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Aug 2006
Manor, Tx
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Either before you started brewing or when you first started off...what are some of the dumb things your thought were true?

I'll go first...

I used to think that fermentation needed the pressure to work...glad I learned otherwise before I ever brewed anything!!

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Jul 2006
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I used to think that beer was so uber-sensitive to infection that I would wear sanitized rubber gloves when dealing with cooled wort and avoid even BREATHING near the fermenter.
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Aug 2006
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  • I used to think that Star San wasn't reusable...and subsequently went through a jug in a week.
  • I used to think that I needed to spend tons of $$ to do AG.
  • I used to think that I could ferment all my ales in the mid to high 70's and still have great beer.
  • I used to think that using liquid yeast as much as possible would make all my beers better.
  • I used to think that hydrometers were too much trouble.
  • I used to think that every batch I did had to be something that nobody's ever done before, and that traditionally styled brews'd be boring.
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May 2007
Cary, NC
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Two of the biggest things for me are:

I used to think that beer needed to racked out of the primary fermeter after 1 week or it would go bad.

I used to think that liquid yeast was better.

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Sep 2006
Ontario, Canada
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I used to think that if it wasn't a 'kitchen sink' recipe it wasn't going to be interesting.
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Old 10-15-2007, 03:46 PM   #6
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Aug 2006
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I'm with Yuri, I used to think my beers would get infected if bacteria just looked at it funny.
And now we go AG!

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Jan 2007
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I used to think the only way to make beer at home was from malt extract and only the big breweries could do it from grain.
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Apr 2006
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Funny, I just had this very thread idea last night on the plane ride back from DEN.

* I used to think that brewing was a very rigid process and that homebrewing was very limited in what it could do.
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Dec 2006
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Originally Posted by Evan!
  • I used to think that I needed to spend tons of $$ to do AG.
That one assumption on my part kept me from going into all grain until I started seeing other folks cheap AG rigs....

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Mar 2007
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I used to think that I didn't like heavy, full calorie beers and would never bother to try to make any.

Having unlimited access to every conceivable fruit variety, free, kept me in wine making mode for a long, long time.

Now I have little interest in wine, but I think beer is sacred. If I only knew THEN what I know now....
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