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Feb 2013
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So been reading a lot about mini mashes and stuff and how it's way cheaper and it's better beer than using all extract. However, I'm more inclined the more i read to just take the full jump to all grain.

How much is this switch going to cost me? $400?

-bigger kettle
-mash and lauter tuns
-propane burner
-wort chiller

Are these the only things I need to get to upgrade?

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I use a cylindrical water cooler for my mash/lauter tun. Search FlyGuys cheap and easy Rubbermaid cooler mash tun. Wort chiller is a must IMO. I also have two kettles, one 8 gallon (for heating my mash and sparge water) and one 10 gallon I use for the boil. I would also recommend a propane burner
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I have a 10 gal round cooler i made into a mash tun. (plenty of online tutorials on that). don't bother getting a 5 gal, you'll just kick yourself and get the 10 gal later anyway. (my 5 gal is sitting in the garage, unused).

I have a 5 gal and an 8 gal kettle. I brew right on the stove top, so no propane burner needed. I may get one down the road if i move my operations outside; but in florida, i much prefer brewing indoors. If i were to change anything right now, it would be to get a 10 gal kettle instead of the 8 gal. With both kettles, i am easily able to heat my water for mashing and start my boil with the first runs from the mash.

i agree, chiller is needed. especailly if you have a large kettle that won't fit in the sink with ice.

Good Luck!
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If you are going to do full boil 5 gal AG, then kettle should be at least 8g preferably 10. Check Craigslist or Amazon, I got my 11g Bayou Classic for around $85
Cooler of some sort that is converted to MLT (again, see what you can find for cheap and then check out conversion videos on HBT or YouTube)
My cooler was free and I converted for $25
Bayou Classic SQ14 burner or Darkstar at Northern Brewer for around $50
I would recommend a refractometer to check gravity $40
The chiller can be around $50 or if you are crafty, there are plenty of cheap DIY videos.
I would think that it can be done for less than $400 for sure.
Good luck and check in with updates and questions.
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Bare minimum you would need is a cooler (I also suggest the round 10 gal) and a valve/bazooka tube or false bottom, and some high temp hose. Then a larger pot for full boils (a couple gallons larger than your batch size. You can use your old pot for sparge water holding. And a burner if you are unable to do a full boil on your stovetop without a lid. A chiller is definitely reccomended, even if you arent going AG.

It will cost you less than $400, unless the new equipment bug bites and you decide you have to have a recirculation pump and brew stand and...
It is really easy to go overboard, but you really can make do with minimal equipment. You will probably soon though decice that you want a grain mill of some sort (corona style is cheapest, then there are the 2 and 3 roller mills) to mill your own grains that you buy in bulk (for savings).

Additionally there is the argument that I am surprised has not been mentioned yet. You could look into BIAB (Brew in a Bag) where equipment costs are lessened and all you would really need is a larger pot and the chiller.

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