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Sep 2011
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I mean oldest model-year.

Though my mom had a '57 Chevy that I drove ... it wasn't actually mine.

So for me, the oldest car I've owned was a 1963 Oldsmobile Super Eighty-eight Holiday Coupe.
Burgundy with white hardtop. Condition VGC overall ... near mint interior. I actually, literally bought it off an old lady who was the original owner and had garaged it after her husband passed and she started driving his car.
Had a 394 Skyrocket "Ultra High Compression" engine.
Beautiful car.

Sold it for a song in 1985. Young and stupid (I can't even go there).
Drives me to drink every time I think of it.

The only photo I have of it is a dingy old polaroid of it sitting in my driveway next to my 1971 AMC 401 Javelin which was sporting M-50's on the rear at the time. (the big tires were on the Javelin ... the Olds was completely stock). The Javalin was another car I should never have gotten rid of.
The pic's not worth digitizing and posting.

However, here are some pictures found online that are nearly identical to the Super 88 I had. ... though like I said, mine was burgundy with a white hardtop.

... air cleaner says "Skyrocket" and "Ultra High Compression"

... this interior is almost identical to mine and is the same color and condition, though my carpeting was better as it had been garage kept for so long.

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Dec 2009
State Line, PA, Pennsylvania
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1972 jeep wagoneer - monster v8 engine, electric rear window, high beam switch on the floor. Loved that car, stupid young me didn't love it like I should have and it threw a rod.
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Aug 2011
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The oldest car was a 61 Plymouth Valiant. I owned it from 71-74 so it was 13 years old and totally rusted out. I just traded in my 1998 Chevy S10 pickup. It was new so I had it about 15 years. That would be the oldest. 2 others were about 11 model years old when I got rid of them. I owned them both for about 10 years.

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Aug 2009
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Ď65 Thunderbird. Hot car, especially considering it weighed 4600 lbs. Surprisingly nimble. It was a dream when everything was working. Of course when I bought it, it was twenty years old with 100K on the clock.

Anytime I went into a parts store, they all laughed. Boneyards (auto salvage), they would barely look up.

It was very memorable. Iíll never forget when the vacuum secondaries stuck. What a ride. Brakes donít work very well when the throttle is stuck open.

The most memorable of all was when I was cruising a dark twisty windy Texas highway when the headlights went out. They reset after 20 seconds or so, and as luck would have it, I was still alive.

Plugs and points. Carburetors. I donít miss Ďem. Cars are SO much better now.

No Seat belts. Metal dashboards. 12 MPG. What were we thinkiní ?

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Apr 2007
Huntington Beach
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I'm presently restoring a '59 Chevy panel. Here is a pic from the day I bought it.

The oldest before this was a '69 Ford Country Squire Wagon from high school, complete with the fake wood on the sides.
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Lost in a Maze
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Dec 2011
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I have a 1950 Nash Metropolitan, it has 20k original miles (my mom's first car).

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Dec 2012
Dublin, CA
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1967 Mercury Cougar. SWMBO's daily driver.


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Jul 2006
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1978 MGB. Ripped out the POS 4 banger dropped in a 300hp Buick 6 cyl with 13 to 1 compression and fuel injection! Damn car could spin all 4 gears. I use to drift around Athens GA at 2 am with my cousin.... Been chased by the cops more than once and lost em always! LOVED that car.

Ahhh the days when you didn't give a rip about anything but having fun!

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Oct 2011
Florence, Alabama
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I had a '49 Plymouth Deluxe Sedan. It had 75k miles on it and everything was original except the paint, tires, plug wires and battery. Headliner was trashed, but otherwise the interior was in excellent condition without a single rip in the upholstery. I don't have a pic of it on my computer anywhere though. Will try to scan one when I get a chance. Without seatbelts in it, it was kind of scary so I mainly just drove it around town to go to the bank and so on. Was going to have belts installed, but circumstances forced sale before I was able.

Oldest dependable/daily driver was my '69 Volvo P1800. Loved this car, so much fun to drive, always a head turner.
Click image for larger version

Name:	P1800 Main.jpg
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Name:	P1800 Front Seats.jpg
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Name:	P1800 Dash.jpg
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ID:	126490  
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Mar 2013
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Nice cougar.

I had a 78 ford f100 as my first vehicle. And although my last name is ford, that is the first and last ford ever. I'm (sort of) I'm the market for a 70 challenger to match my 2011.

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