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Jan 2013
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I did an all grain blonde on saturday. I used cascade hops for flavor and aroma additions at 10 min and flameout and added two ounces of fresh grapefruit zest at flameout and let it sit in the wort for ~30 minutes. We transfered to primary and get a sample for testing and I gotta say it wasn't as much grapefruit flavor as I was hoping for. I'm doing this beer at the request of SWMBO and she wants a very pronounced grapefruit flavor. Im not sure how to go about this since I can't find any grapefruit flavor extract like we've found for other fruit flavors in the past. I was thinking about adding graepfruit juice or frozen grapefruit to the secondary but im not about it since I've read about pectin hazing and want to try to keep the beer as clear as possible. I'm also concerned that adding something like simply grapefruit would kick up fermentation again and I'd end up with a very tart beer. So, I'm not quite sure what to do to get that BAM! in-your-face graepfruit flavor. Any suggestions? We also thought about doing some more grapefruit zest and maybe some sweet dried orange peel together in the secondary to get that pronounced citrus flavor as best as we can...

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Mar 2013
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I just finished (drinking) a batch of a recipe that had an extremely high grapefruit and passion fruit nose and flavor. I was trying to create my own IPA recipe using Columbus and amarillo hops for bittering (60minute) cascade and Columbus for 30 minute, cascade additions at 10, 5, and 2 minutes and Amarillo at flameout then I dry-hopped with 2oz of citra in secondary. I think I achieved the high fruity character by including 1 whole pound of crystal 15 which I think brought out the grapefruit flavor of the hops.
Grain bill: 5 gallon batch
12 lb American Pale Malt
1 lb rye malt
1 lb crystal15

Fermented with Safale Uso5 in my closet 78degrees

This brew turned out more grape fruity than I was going for but you may want to try it if that's what you are looking for!

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Sep 2012
Las Cruces, New Mexico
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You can get pronounced grapefruit flavor from your hops, if you use enough of them. Cascade is what my local brewpub uses in their American Pale Ale, and it has a definite grapefruit flavor. A number of other hops, such as Legacy, Summit, and Warrior are also supposed to give a noticeable grapefruit flavor. If you can find them, Riwaka hops are supposed to have a strong grapefruit flavor. You might also try first wort hopping.
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Oct 2010
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Citra hops will give a healthy grapefruity taste.

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Feb 2013
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Just a suggestion, I haven't tried it, but would dry hopping with something like chinook give it enough aroma to affect the grapefruit taste perception?

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Mar 2008
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Chinook is my go-to grapefruit hops.
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Oct 2010
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I just did a SMASH Barleywine using only Maris Otter and Citra Hops, and it's already a grapefruit bomb before dry hopping. Personally, I like Citra and Chinook, but Cascade as well as the others mentioned before can work, too.

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Apr 2013
Portland, OR
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Dry hopping your batch with the various suggestions (cascade and chinook would be my suggestions) would help, but you could also add some grapefruit zest at the same time. I've "dry hopped" with citrus zest in the past and it really adds to the aroma of the beer but not so much to the taste (like dry hopping).

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Mar 2010
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I did a rye heavy (25% grain by weight) IPA a while back with nothing but Simcoe hops. Six oz of them, if memory serves. When it was fresh, just carbonated, the smell was nearly indistinguishable from pink grapefruit juice. The Simcoe had a lot to do with it, I'm sure, but the rye may have brought it out a bit more. It was an interesting pairing, for sure - pretty good, too, once I got used to how spicy and citrusy it was.
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Nov 2012
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Citra will get you an awesome grapefruit flavor and aroma
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