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Nov 2012
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So, there I am...I have just finished by 3rd batch. Grabbed a sample, I'm confident everything is clean, the smell is amazing. All I need to do is put the airlock on and stash it away and in a few weeks, I should have some amazing IIPA.

Wait a second....the bung won't stay put.

Try as I might, trying both of the bung's I have. They won't stay put. biggie, everything is just wet and slippery....this is my first time using star san and it's just the fact that I didn't rinse and let it all dry first. Once it's all good.

The bung still won't stay...what is going on??? Okay....I'll just hold it in place, it'll dry and then it'll worries.

PLOP!!!! that the rubber bung....IN MY BEER???

I'm seriously depressed right now...I can't imagine there is any way this batch isn't ruined....I mean it's got a rubber plug floating in it and I have no idea how I'll get it out. I seriously can't believe I did that....especially since, after I had my little freak out moment and walked away for a few minutes, my second bung and airlock pushed right in and stayed in place perfectly......

My first batch was mediocre at best, my second is still flat after 8+ weeks and now I fear I've just wrecked my third batch, which is doomed to taste like rubber.

Not sure I'm cut out for this....

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Feb 2013
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I've heard of this happening and the beers turn out fine with people leaving the stopper in the carboy. It happens enough that you can go on youtube and search "remove stopper from carboy" and you'll get several videos on using a plastic bag to get the stopper out.

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Sep 2008
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Hahahaha , u totally messed up! Completely ruined batch. You'll never be a home brewer, hahahaha .

Yea, just kidding. It happens all the time, quit with the OCD and just let it ride. Worse things have happened, believe me( and everyone else here) keep the temp right and wait a week, you'll be just fine. You might want another stopper but use a wet rag until then.
....just add water.....

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Feb 2013
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Lol. I really laughed reading this!

Same thing happened with my first brew, but like a good redneck, I dried off the glass, got the bung in as far as I could, and duck-tapped that sucker on!

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Old 05-27-2013, 02:19 AM   #5
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Sep 2012
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"Not sure I'm cut out for this..."

I've had worse than a rubber bung in my beer. Tuned out to be drinkable.
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Mar 2012
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I've done it. No problem. You sanitized it first. People brewed beer before writing. I am convinced beer is hard to ruin. If it ends up being the best beer you ever tasted, you may add dropping the plug in yor beer as part of your process.

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Old 05-27-2013, 04:19 AM   #7
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Sep 2011
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Originally Posted by ScottG58 View Post
I've done it. No problem. You sanitized it first.
+1. Me too. No big deal.

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Old 05-27-2013, 04:33 AM   #8
Dec 2012
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No one has said it so I will. RDWHAHB. There's nothing to worry about, in a few weeks you'll have a great tasting, wonderful batch of beer to drink and you'll laugh the glass away!

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Old 05-27-2013, 04:47 AM   #9
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Feb 2013
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aaannnd there's the name of your brewery: Slippery Bunghole Brewhaus

"Sometimes it slips in"

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Feb 2011
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I'm very confident that the beer won't be affected by the bung being in there.

Ditch the standard rubber bungs. They're awful.

Either buy some carboy caps or universal bungs that don't fall in.

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