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Feb 2013
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Last week my buddy and I were brewing a batch of our IPA. Our plan was to bottle our Imperial Red on the same day. Amidst the entire process, we of course became rather hungry.

Being that we were outside I figured that I would just fire up the grill and barbecue a few brats and burgers. So I did.

I grabbed a package of brats and couldn't rip the sucker open. I grabbed the knife and sliced the top part and finally got the package open. After turning around I notice that my buddy has the bottling bucket open with our gorgeous Imperial Red glistening in the overcast of the great northwest. It is also about that time that I realized when I spun around and set the knife down, I dripped a ton of bratwurst juice DIRECTLY into the beer.

We decided to just go with it and see how it turns out anyway. If it doesn't become infected, maybe we just created a nice Louisville Red?

Anyway, what's the biggest bonehead mistake you guys have made when brewing? I figure it's best if we just laugh these instances out. I can promise I won't be anywhere near my brew with hotdog juice again.

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Apr 2012
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In the 24 batches I've done, the biggest mistake was forgetting the priming sugar in half of a 10 gallon batch. We did remember it in the 2nd half of the batch, but then we didn't know where the non-priming sugar bottles stopped and the ones with priming sugar started. We separated primed from non-primed from unknown. Primed ones were fine obviously. The non primed ones I had to open them all and drop in the priming drops and recap. For the unknown ones, in some, I'd open them up, drop a tablet in and they would spew foam. So those I pitched. Overall not the biggest deal, but we did lose a few beers.

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Jun 2012
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Adding 5 oz of corn sugar to a 3 gal batch netted a loss of 33 or so bottles that became bombs.........

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Jul 2012
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Other than habitually leaving valves open and spilling wort on the floor, one of the dumber things I've done was try to use my hop spider bag as a trub filter by recirculating my wort through it while chilling. It blew up like a giant wort balloon. To get the wort out I had to lance it with a knife.

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Aug 2012
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Left me wort overnight in the pot. Came home from work the next day. Fermented it anyway. Tasted like my first batch. Gross.

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Dec 2011
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Knocked over a bucket with 5.5 gallons of chilled wort just as I was finishing up a brew day.....

Dropped a 6.5 gallon glass carboy through the bottom of my plastic wash sink, onto a tile floor where it disintegrated into tiny, tiny glass shards that covered my entire basement....

Forgot to turn the burner off on my mashtun and added my grain- checked temp 10-15 minutes later and it was 200 degrees.

That is probably enough for now Brew long enough and you will do all kids of dumb ****.
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Aug 2012
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Dumbest thing I done was getting the bright idea of using a small heater, on the lowest setting, to bump the temp in my temp controlled freezer for an altbier I had brewed. The current ambient temp was in the mid to low 50s (my garage was colder), so I thought the heater would raise the temp to 65F and the freezer would then kick on if it went past that to keep it at 65F.

I came back downstairs after 20 minutes to see how it was running and noticed the freezer temp controller was flashing 135F!! Miraculously, I still got fermentation (and didn't burn my house down). I want to do that batch again and see if that mishap had any impact.
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Jun 2009
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Not my dumbest, but I had the bright idea to drop a muslin bag into a carboy and rubber band it around the top. The goal was to pour the wort, trub and all, into the bag to filter it out. I thought I had a brilliant idea! For some reason (maybe a few too many beers?) I thought that I would then be able to pull the full muslin bag back out when I was done, can't say I didn't give it the ole college try. I now have newfound sympathy for my wife pushing three babies through a hole three babies just should not fit through. Ended up just dropping it in and leaving it and the beer turned out horrible.
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May 2013
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I was at Andrew event for a local brew club. They were brewing a couple of batches for an upcoming beer fest. One of the guys was getting ready for the last hop addition at the end of the boil. He wanted to be precise on the time of the addition. So he took his phone out and swiped to unlock and dropped the phone into the wort. They'll only have one batch to pour next weekend.

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letting other people know that I brew. 65% want free beer (90% of them just to get drunk, 10% for the love of beer), 25% want to heckle me because I brew beer, 25% want to quiz me about little things to catch me showing the stupidity of home brewing. the numbers add to over 100% because all three overlap each other. there's a small amount that do all three.
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