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SWMBO runs at the early hours of the morning.....

I work nights and sometimes am by the time she gets up.

So I decided to test her 3 year old can of "Mace" before she stepped off....

YUP! It still works! I shot a QUICK spritz in the sink, noted the oily consistency, then did a fingertip was HELLA spicy! AND made me cough!!!!!

Call me a dumb*ss.....but I may have some material for a Mace-In-Your-Face-Ale.....

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God help us

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I double dog dare ya to do it!

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Damn dude, is that shizzle even edible? If it is and with the spiceyness you may be on to something.

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Originally Posted by ohiobrewtus
What's next? Beer brewed with yeast from a woman's nether-region?
Mmm...nice hop aroma, with a subtle backdrop of...low tide.
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Oh my... I think this thread belongs in "Drunken Ramblings" =)


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Mmmm, Scoville units.

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It's probably food grade - it's meant to be sprayed IN THE EYES without doing permanent damage. I bet a little goes a long way!
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Would it kill off the yeast?

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