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Recipe Type: Partial Mash   
Yeast: WL029   
Yeast Starter: optional   
Batch Size (Gallons): 5G,19L   
Original Gravity: 1.055   
Final Gravity: 1.014   
IBU: n/a   
Boiling Time (Minutes): Approx 90 minutes   
Color: n/a   
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): 67 @ 65-69F   
Additional Fermentation: Bottle carb   
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): none   
Tasting Notes: Took a while to get down to FG. Tastes a lot like Heineken if not skunked.   

**I brewed this on Fat Tuesday,2/8/13. I passed out during the boil,winding up with about a 90 minute boil that gave an amber blush to it & the heni-like sort of flavor. My notes are a little weird on this one,so I'll reconstruct it as best I can. Def a happy accident some may like.**
2lbs 2-row (Rahr)
2lbs Marris Otter (Crisp)
1/2lb Crystal 20L
1/2lb Carapils
4lb Munton's plain Extra Light DME
.5oz NZ pacific gem pellet hops,60 minutes
1oz Haulertauer Mittelfruh pellet hops,15 minutes
1oz Czech saaz pellet hops, 0 minutes covered for 10 minutes
White Labs WL029 German ale/kolsh yeast In 800mL starter/.5lb plain light DME* You'll likely wanna use less DME than I did,took too long to finish.*

Mash crushed grains in 2 gallons spring water. * For some reason,I mashed this at 161F. You'll probably want to cut this to 153F.* Mash 1 hour to 90 minutes.

Sparge with 1.5 gallons spring water. * I overheated the sparge water this time,& it cooled off too much to 150F. Only had one thermometer atm.* So sparge water should be no more than 170F.
Get past foamy hot break,kept temp down to 8.8 on the dial for a smooth,evenly rolling boil,but not hard boil. Add half ounce pacific gem bittering addition & start 1 hour timer. * I passed out from too much beer & most of a fifth of vodka at this point. When I awoke,it was 5:20 PM,so that's about a 90 minute boil,1 hour 25 minutes minimum. Boil resumes at this time.* Add 1oz German haulertauer mittelfruh hops last 15 minutes of boil.
At flame out,stir in the 4lbs of extra light DME,then add 1oz Czech saaz hops cover & steep 10 minutes. **You could even do this addition @ 3 minutes left in the boil,then allow to steep. Chill wort down to about 75F. Strain into fermenter,then top off with COLD spring water to 5 gallons (19L). Stir roughly for 5 minutes to mix wort & top off water well. Should be about 65F at this point. Take hydrometer sample.
Seal,atatch airlock & fill to line with cheap vodka. Maintain ferment temps between 65-69F for the WL029 yeast,as this is it's ideal range. * For some reason,it took 67 days to get down to FG. YRMV.
Primed as for American Light Lager/Pilsner @ 2.4 volumes co2 with 4.2 ounces dextrose dissolved in 2C of boiled water,covered,& allowed to cool. Got 48 bottles that carbed & conditioned for 5 weeks at 70 or better before placing 12 bottles in fridge for 1 week. **ADDITIONAL NOTES-I'm starting to think that the longer boil also helped with clarity quite a bit over version 1's 60 minute boil. Def cleared back up sooner in the fridge. Not to mention the color & flavor mentioned. I'm going to brew this one again,but mash @ 153F. Sparge at 170F rather than 150F from the oopsie. But who knows if any or all of these gave the flavor? I know it gave the amber blush to it that version 1 didn't have with it's 1 hour boil.
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Reason: Left out/corrected some details

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