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I added a piece of wood and some wood clamps to my mill and drill. Sad, I know, but it gives me ideas. I.e., if my drill turns this mill fine, why do I need a big motor, belts, reduction gears, etc. Why not just get a old AC drill body, remove the body, and permanently attach it to my mill?

Anyway, here is a video of my drill, clamped to my mill. Worked great. Sorry, youtube embedding not working for some reason.

- Andrew

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Why go through all the trouble to remove the motor and then rig a new mounting system? What you have works great. I have a Harbor Freight 1/2" drill running my Monster mill. Ghetto? Maybe....but works fine for me.

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I have a bolt screwed into my mill and a 1/2" socket on my drill to drive it

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I just replaced the base with a larger board cut to fit my drill

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Aw, COME ON. There isn't even any duck tape on the rig. "Most ghetto-est?" Puh-lease. You need to do a heck of a lot more research on what shabby chic brewing is all about, good sir.

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Nice! I imagine mine will look something like that, but with a bigger hopper.
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Its all fun and games until your drill motor burns out! Then its time to play the shop Harbor Freight game.
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Harbor Freight is like a rocks through from where I work.

In any event, I prefer to go the Ryobi route anyway. They're powered by Mabuchi motors... You can buy a 1/2" chuck drill for under $10 (sometimes shipped) and the gearing is way superior to the Harbor Freight trash. The only drawback is it's the 18V DC model but I've yet to bind one up on the 2" Monster Mill 2 Roller so I think it's adequate. I picked up the little micro-chainsaw with mine, a battery, and charger for only $40 and that has got to be the lightest semi-useful chainsaw I've ever seen.

Granted, a really ugly Craftsman hammer drill is virtually the pinnacle of indestructible for this sort of thing but I've not seen any at a yard sale yet. If I could find one though... Oh my damn.

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Just like everything homebrew, if it works for you, run with it. I went the electric motor / pulley route. Got the motor from a local scrap yard for $3. The pulleys and belt set me back $60, but they'll last a very long time. Worst case secenario, I have to replace a belt somewhere far down the road and perhaps fork over another $3 for a scrap motor if mine ever wears out (I doubt it will).
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I'll give you duct tape
Click image for larger version

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