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I have room in my kegorator for three cornies and no place to store a fourth keg under 75 degrees (ambient temp in a closet).

Would it be detrimental if I stored the keg of finished beer in the closet at room temperature for a few months?

While it won't get hot, it will not go below 70 something in the dark recesses of our walk-in closet.

Looking for feedback ...

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No problem. I used a 6 head pre-mix soda fountain for 3 years going from room temp kegs down to 36-38 pints before I got sick of the noise.. some kegs didn't get emptied for 6 months and tasted great all the way through.. you actually could tell when they got really good..
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Apr 2013
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Should condition nicely. As long as it does not get any hotter than 75 should work out great.

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I have a kegorator that fits 2 kegs, but I have 4 kegs, and I often use the extra kegs just like a secondary, which is pretty much what you are describing.

So follow the same rules you would for a secondary fermentation, and you are 100% fine!
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It really depends on the type of beer but assuming this is a beer that can be aged a few months before being server; It will be fine.

The yeast is done because there is not really many if any fermentables left

As long as you had good sanitation no "Little Beasties" can grow, though I am sure they would like that temp.

ME? I would test it occasionally for any off flavors and if they appear cool it down and start drinking it before they ruin the beer.


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Feb 2013
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I'm currently conditioning/aging 7 kegs of beer because my chest freezer won't start back up after moving it. Only been a few days so far but who knows when i'll fix this. I'm not worried about my beer at all, a keg seems like the safest environment possible.

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I do this. My fridge/kegerator will hold three kegs. I like to make double batches that include one large heavy beer and one lighter. This means I usually have plenty of heavy beers that can age. I have to decide, "Will I put the Scotch Wee Heavy in the kegerator now, or leave that space open for the lighter pale ale that will be ready in a few days?" I try to leave one slot open for something heavy and swap the other two positions out between things that will not age well.

For me, it's worked out pretty nice. The heavy beers that will age get priming sugar added into the keg and are beautifully carbed and ready to serve as soon as they are in the kegerator and cooled down to serving temp. I have several friends who like my heavy beers so they don't last overly long. That slot opens back up pretty quickly.
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I do this all the time, just be sure to purge the keg with CO2 before you fill it.

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Mar 2007
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I didn't think about adding priming sugar to the keg to carb while aging.

It's a Westvleteren 12 clone. How much priming sugar do you ad to a keg?

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