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Nov 2012
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I was in the process of building a 3 vessel propane system and have decided I might want to go a different direction. The reason is I really want to go electric and like BIAB to keep cost down a little, the simplicity of it, the small footprint and somewhat portability of it. My garage is already packed with motorcycle stuff, tools, and kids outdoor toys and bikes. I only do 5 gal batches at the moment but might do 10 gal in the future.

My initial thought is to do a keggle setup since I can do sanity welds and the local scrap yard has a bunch for $1 a pound which works out to about $30. I also already have two, one is already welded and I have the parts for the other. Downfall here is I will have to do some sort of sparge to get a 10 gal batch. Not a huge issue in my opinion if I want to go down that route. I was going to maybe finish the 3 vessel setup and sell it to help fund this project too. So if I do that I would have to buy another keg or get a pot. So first couple questions

1.) do I get a keg or 20 gal pot?
2.) If keg do I do bottom drain or side pick-up with whirlpool? What are you bottom drain guys doing to deal with the hops?

The other issue is power. So I am active duty military and live in privatized base housing and I cannot make any permanent changes to the house. The good news is the dryer is right inside the door to the garage. The bad news is it is a 10-30R so it is only 3 wire. So I will need to figure out how to best utilize what I have and safely. I will want to do the in line GFCI or incorporate the SPA panel into the control panel in some way or another. I do have about 70' of SOOW 8 AWG 3 wire cable that I had for an extension cord for my welder at my last place. So I do have some cable already and can hopefully use that somewhere to cut down on cost right now. I see in the wiring diagram in DaSwede post(http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f170/240...e-help-401409/) it has 3 wire coming into the SPA panel so that keeps my current plug and if it is safe to have the panel on the rig I could reuse that cable I already have.

3.) Is it safe to have the SPA panel on the brew stand?
4.) Is there a way to use a in-line GFCI with the 3 wire plug and cable I have?

I plan on building a stand similar to fortydegnorth (http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f51/biab...t-pump-310459/) but with a control panel for the electronics. I will build it in SS and have it so I can add to it as I get a pump and want not.

I have been reading up and see others designs and ideas and think I want to go with a 5500W element and a pump for recirculating the mash. The pump might come later but would like to build it into the control panel. I also would like the ability to add a second element down the road if space and funds allow to turn it into a 3 vessel system. So I will need to do some more research on enclosures and see whats out there. As this is still the idea/planning phase I open to any suggestions so just let me know what you think.

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Feb 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
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I would setup one of your keggles for eBIAB. If you don't want to use these the 15-20 gal AL kettles are pretty cheap.

10 gallon batches should be able to mash w/ 1.5-2qt water per pound, remove grains, and add additional water to hit pre boil volume.

The hard part is lifting wet grains for a 10gal batch. I have seen people accomplish this with kettle + basket + rope pulley.

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Nov 2012
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So after further research I have come up with the following plan. Use one of the existing keggles, sell MLT and keggle to help fund this. I have come up with the following parts list which is pretty close to DaSwedes (http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f170/240...e-help-401409/) list and I will go with the same wiring diagram. I am looking to order soon and start the build. My wife and kids will be out of town for the month of June so I should have plenty of time to get it built.

Spa Panel:
30 Amp Plug Dryer Plug
Southwire 10/3 300V POWER CORD BLACK LFT: Dryer Plug to Spa Panel
Home Depot - 50A 240V Spa Panel
Leviton 30/50-Amp 3-Pole Black Angle Plug - Plug to Spa Panel
Leviton 30 Amp Industrial Flush Mount Single Power Outlet - Black - Spa Panel to Controller
10/4 Power cord- Spa to Control Panel
Switchcraft HPCC4F Plug

Hoffman 12x12x6 Enclosure
Auber - 1/16 DIN PID Temperature Controller (SYL-2352)
Auber - 40A SSR
Auber - 40A External Heat sink
Auber - 30A, 2 pole, 120V Coil Contactor
Auber - 40A, 2 pole, 120V Coil Contactor
Auber - Liquid Tight RTD Sensor - 2.5", 1/2" NPT - 8' deluxe upgrade
Auber - Illuminated Maintained Push button Switch x2 (blue = pump, green = heat)
Auber - Emergency Stop (E-Stop) Switch, 22mm
Auber - Flashing Buzzer - 22mm
Auber - Buzzer Selector Switch - 22mm
Auber- 15A Electrical Outlet Pump Outlet
12-10 Awg Faston 50 pk
10 ga stranded cable
Mouser Electronics - Switchcraft HPCP41F Outlet x2 Element and spa panel

Radio Shack - Inline Fuse Holder x4
Radio Shack - 1A Fast-acting Fuses
Radio Shack - 1A Slow-blow Fuses
Radio Shack - 10A Fast-acting Fuses
Radio Shack - 1k-ohm, 1W resistors
Radio Shack - 15ft/each 10awg Stranded Wire in red, black, white and green
Radio Shack - 4-Position Dual-row Terminal Strip

Camco 2963 5500W 240V Ripple Foldback Water Heater Element:
Still Dragon Element Guard
Southwire 10/3 300V POWER CORD BLACK LFT:
Mouser Electronics - Switchcraft HPCC4F Plug
Misc. nuts/bolts/lock washers

Kettle: Already have and built minus the tri-clover for element
Bagbrewer - Keggle Bag
Brew Hardware - 3 port weld kit
Brewershardware - 2" short Tri-clover Ferrule Element Input
Brewershardware - 2" Tri-clover Clamp Element input

Future upgrade for recirculation and Whirlpool
Chugger inline pump
Brew Hardware - Cam A
Brew Hardware - Cam F
Brew Hardware - 3 piece ball valve
Brew Hardware - 1/2" Full Coupler - Whirlpool
Brew Hardware - Stainless ball valve - Whirlpool
Brew Hardware - Close Nipple x 2 - Whirlpool
Brew Hardware - 90 deg elbow - Whirlpool
Brew Hardware - Cam BL Kit X2 - Already have
Brew Hardware - Cam Big C X2- Already have
Brew Hardware - Silicone Tubing - 14' - Already have

Had these all linked in my excel spreadsheet but cant seem to figure out how to get the links to come over too. If any one can tell me how I can repost with links

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