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I'm hooked, I can't get enough, and I can't stop thinking about when I can have another one.

The first time i tried an IPA (Abita Jockamo). I didn't like it. And stupid me, I assumed I didn't like ANY IPA's.

WRONG! I like most of them. It's the most friggin, awesome flavor in the world!

Now that I have discovered hops, I think I would like an oxygen-style hop mask to wear on my face.

Now I need to find some friends who agree.

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Twenty years ago, when you ordered an IPA, you got a fizzy yellow beer that was all bite and zero flavor. Thankfully, that has changed and there is so much variety out much so that our Europeans brothers are now brewing American style IPAs.

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I'm with you man. Now, if you are anywhere near a liquor store, run and get you some Bell's Two Hearted. That is the only way to keep the awesomeness going. Brewed in Michigan though not sure if it's offered west of the rockies though. Good thing though, they offer it on tap in most places around me nowadays!
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Yea, the problem is Abita, not IPA.
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Yea according to my Untappd ap I'm a 10th level IPA Nerd.


I Believe in IPA! (Level 10)

We believe in IPA and you should too. Try 3 different IPA style beers in a 30 days period.
It means I've tried 30 DIFFERENT IPA brands. Now how many gallons of each I've consumed. Two hearted is my go-to IPA.
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Old 04-26-2013, 08:05 PM   #6
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Yes, Abita was the problem.

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mean old man
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my favorite IPA these days is Dogfish Head 60 minute.

wait. no. Two Hearted is my favorite

unless it's a Devil's Backbone 8 Point

depends on which one I had last

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just picked up a case of one of my favorites...troeg's perpetual ipa.

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I tried the Hop Rod Rye last night and am in love with rye IPAs because every time I have a rye IPA it is exactly what I like.
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I also got hooked big time about 2 months ago, and I'm going to brew my first one in a few days. One of my favorites so far has been Dogfish Head 90 min, and that got me hammered pretty fast

Go Spartans!!

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