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Palmer recommends leaving in the primary longer. I've done it with some of my IPA's that are bigger beers, and I have to say it's made a difference! It makes the beer taste a lot more "finished"; definitely not young, and more complex.

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I'm moving away from secondaries.
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Starting with my current beer in the bucket, I'm going to be reversing the time in primary and secondary from now on. Three in primary, one in secondary to clear. I used to do one in primary (subject to hydrometer) and three in secondary.

Now, if I don't see a bunch of yeast drop out when I move to secondary, I guess I'll be able to skip that transfer.
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WOW!!! Great thread. My rule of thumb has always been to let it sit in the primary for about a week. When the Air Lock activity drops to about one bubble every 5 minutes, I transfer into the secondary where my beer will sit for a minimum of 2 weeks. Usually more like three.

After reading this thread though, looks like I'll be letting the Autumn Ale I am brewing tomorrow sit in the Primary for at least a couple of weeks. I need to start taking hydrometer readings from my Primary before I transfer into secondary.
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as long as it's still fermenting, it's staying in the primary. big beers can often take well over a month. i wouldn't leave my small beers in the primary more than a month myself, but i often do not use a secondary for clearing...probably will be doing so more often once i have a fridge for lagering.
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Just getting back to this thread.

This is good news for me as mentioned in a thread in the Kegging area, my newly acquired keg fridge is kinda messed up and I sort of broke the hinge, so the mild that is sitting in the fridge to cool for what was to be kegging day and three other beers are all just sitting around (only the mild is in a secondary right now).

Maybe I will start getting into the practice of letting things sit for a minimum of 3-4 weeks in primary. One more thing, for those that do these long primaries, when you dry hop, do you do it in a secondary or do you just toss the dry hop right into the primary?
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Old 10-18-2007, 02:02 AM   #17
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Dry-hopping in primary works fine. Just make sure that rigorous fermentation is over so the aromas don't get ejected with the CO2.

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Old 10-18-2007, 02:27 AM   #18
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+1 For leaving it in primary longer. Rarely use secondaries. I beggining to think I'm going to stop using them even for big beers - but that's another issue.

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off topic, but i live near beer crafters, woot!

But yea, I'm not a fan of secondaries any more. My last beer was in the primary for 3 weeks and I kegged and started drinking it a week later. It was young. After another 10-14 days it was good.

I think I will only use a secondary if I'm Adding some stuff like fruit or something. I will dry hop in the primary after 7-10 days from pitching.

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Old 10-18-2007, 02:30 AM   #20
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Most all of my beers stay in the primary for 4-8 weeks. Blondes, american wheats, kolsch....... no problems here. I gave up on secondaries because I was running out of space for primaries.

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