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Oct 2012
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So last sunday I brewed a 2.5 gal. batch of Irish Red with the grain bill below, using a half a pack of Safale 04.

Unfortunately I forgot to take an OG reading so I have no clue what the ABV is now. Target calcuated gravities were OG 1.056 and FG 1.015. ABV of 5.37.

Tonight - Wednesday - There's still a thin layer of Krausen and white foam and a good amount of yeast still floating at the top. However, I took a gravity reading of 1.014. Fermentation hung around 68-69 degrees F.

Does that seem fast to anyone else?

A taste test proved there's a bit of alcohol to it but the body and flavor are a little weak. Any one have a take on this? Was my grain bill too light? Or did I over-pitch maybe?

Also I'm toying with throwing the remaining 1/2oz of williamette I have into it when I rack it over to secondary tomorrow or friday night.

I know there are a lot of questions here but any ideas and info are appreciated

Extra Light DME - 2lb 4oz.
English pale grains - 8oz.
Victory - 4oz.
Flaked Barley - 4oz.
Melanoidin - 4oz.
Roasted Barley - 4oz.
Rice Hulls - 4oz.

fuggles - 1/2oz at 60 mins.
fuggles - 1/2oz at 15 mins.
Williamette - 1/2oz at 15 mins.

Reason: mistake on title

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Jan 2011
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It usually finishes in 2-3 days for me, as well. great yeast, fast and drops like a brick.

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Oct 2011
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Agreed, every time I use it it works really fast. Floccs like a beast too.

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Sep 2011
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There are many, many, threads remarking on how quickly S-04 does its thing and drops. This seems to be everyone's (give or take) experience. It sounds like that part of your procedure went very standardly. Regarding your other questions, I'd just leave the batch alone for a few more weeks and bottle. I can't speak to your extract proportions but the grain bill looks like a generic Irish Red--probably Notty would be used in lieu of S-04.

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Oct 2011
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S-04 is known for being quick. In a pub I have actually gone grain to glass in a week using S-04... not the ideal situation, but it can happen. I usually shot for a 14 day turn around, grain to glass, but 10 days wasn't unusual and 7 happened a couple times.
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Normal for an S-04 ferment.

Windsor can be even faster, but it tends to give a less complete attenuation.
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