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Jan 2010
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3 minutes left in the boil I set my timer down that I normally keep in my pocket and walked away far enough I could not hear it. Boiled the wort an extra 3-20 minutes

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Nov 2008
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Originally Posted by ktblunden View Post
Made a 1 liter starter in my 3 liter flask. I thought there was no way it could boil over with that much headspace. It can and it did. Lesson learned, I'll keep a watchful eye on it next time.
Yeah, I never really believed that seven gallons of wort could boil over in a 15.5 gallon keggle. I'm glad I didn't put money on that. I was also surprised how long a cooked oatmeal stout stain can stay on the driveway pavement.

I can't say I have any big screw ups. I've forgotten to take OG readings and whatnot, but I think the worst I ever did was think that I needed to collect 5 gallons of wort from my mash for a 5 gallon beer. Yeah, I had a few, maybe more (cough cough) at that point. But I still felt like a dumbass when I realized what I did. Of course it was right after I dumped the grains in the trash.... No going back on that one.
Does that make me an ***hole?

No, that's not what makes you an ***hole.

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Jan 2013
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I used a 5 gallons paint strainer to strain my wort out of the kettle, like I usually do in buckets... Although, this time I did it in my new Speidel fermentor. Well, after I poured most of the kettle thru the strainer, the weight of the gunk pulled it into the fermentor. I was able to grab it, but the load of stuff was bigger then the opening of my fermentor... So, I had to wring it out like a sponge. Hope I didn't contaminate my beer! I had my paws all over that strainer bag inside my FV!

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Dec 2012
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I went to make a starter a few weeks back, boiled and got the wort into the flask(can't boil in my flask b/c of an electric stove) and instead of coiling it down in the icey water I had waiting in the sink...I put it next to the sink and sanitized and pitched the yeast! D'OH! Needless to say I was driving to the LHBS shortly there after. And that same batch took my pre-boil OG and didn't adjust for temp so I added about 2-3 pounds of unneeded DME! Beer just got bottled tastes good just a bit high on the ABV for the style I was brewing! I'm sure there will be more to come over the years!

I am looking into ferm cap. I have had boil overs in the house until I moved everything outside, of course..
I've used fermcap in all my 1.5 to 2L starters in my 2L flask and never had any issues with it bubbling out.
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Dec 2012
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Didn't make sure the valve on my BK was closed all the way before starting to drain MLT and left to put kid to bed, 2+ gallons of first running on the Floor

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Old 04-23-2013, 07:02 AM   #16
Feb 2013
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I drank my yeast starter.

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Sep 2011
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Used my picnic taps from a well known homebrew store only to see the picnic tap flying off the end of the tube (see no clamps included in this setup) and dumped a full keg of great beer all over spectators and a pizza shop crew in the booth next to me. Then knocked over my table and broke three bottles of fine wine trying to get to it while slipping on the slippery floor from the errant brew. I advise everyone to be sure to install a clamp on their picnic taps!

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Feb 2013
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Making a starter in the flask on the stove. Got the water boiling and dumped in the DME.

Think Diet Coke and Mentos...

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Mar 2013
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Primed a porter with Disaronno using grams of sugar per oz of Disaronno. Added about 2 cups to 2.5 gallons for bottling. Waited 4 weeks.

Fountains galore.

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Apr 2013
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OK so last weekend, I brewed up an IPA. Brew went fine, have my auto siphon and hydrometer sitting in my bucket of starsan while I cooled the wort. Got it down to 70 and went to take a hydrometer reading... Grabbed the hydrometer from the bucket and tried to flick the excess water off (I don't fear the foam, it was a completely mindless action) and the hydrometer snapped, shattering in little pieces all over the kitchen floor. Luckily, my LHBS is only a few minutes away so I could grab a replacement quickly.

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