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Originally Posted by quincy07 View Post
I miscalculated the volume for my last batch and primed for 3.5 gallons when in reality I got closer to 4.75 gallons into bottles. The bottle I opened last week, 10 days in the bottle, was damn near flat. I put another in the fridge last night for me to try tonight. I'm hoping it's carbed up more after another week in the bottle but don't have high expectations. If these don't carb up I might just dump it and chock it up to a stupid mistake that cost me the batch cuz I don't care for flat beer.

Don't dump it, carb each bottle with carb drops. Little glucose candies that you drop in then recap the bottles should get each one perfect carbonation.

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Jun 2013
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Originally Posted by catdaddy66 View Post
Don't dump it, carb each bottle with carb drops. Little glucose candies that you drop in then recap the bottles should get each one perfect carbonation.

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I'll give that a shot. Thanks for the tip.

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I make a mistake on every batch. I'd be nervous if not. Wednesday I brewed an APA. After adding my 60 minute hops, I started measuring the flavor additions and quickly realized I had added the wrong bittering hop. "Wait, I opened this package, not that." Fortunately it was a lower AA hop, and some fast math let me correct it. It's happily bubbling in the cellar, smelling great.

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Mar 2013
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Mistake #1: Putting marbles in dry hop bag to weigh down hops. My keg has a dip tube that goes right to the bottom so I kept getting hop gunk in my beer. And grassy flavours.

Mistake #2: I go to remove said dry hop bag. I sanitise my brew spoon, remove the keg from the keezer, and try and fish it out. I get it most of the way up but then lose it, it falls to the bottom. Very slowly, the liquid level starts to rise. Then it starts to foam. Before I can get the keg lid back on, I've got beer foaming out of the keg onto the garage floor. Rip the thermometer off the keg and put it outside (to reduce the amount of beer on the garage floor).

Was an epic mess to clean up. Ironically, the foaming caused the hop bag to float so I was able to get it out. However I suspect the beer will be ruined due to oxidization (was a basic APA).

I've put the beer back on the gas and told my flatmates they can help themselves to as much as they want. I figure no point trying to bottle that one (I normally bottle with a beer gun from the keg) - what say you?

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Aug 2013
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I learned on a recent bottling day that it's a good idea to stir the bottling bucket occasionally and not just at the beginning of the process - the last half-bottle went down my gullet tasting like syrup. Fortunately, the beer carbed up fine (but with very little head formation) and I haven't had any bombs so far a month after bottling.

The other mistake I have made on my last several bottling days is not wiping the bottles clean after capping. Mildew and mold propagate here in Wuhan at the drop of a hat, and about half the bottles I served at my wedding last weekend had a bit of visible mildew on them. Fortunately, the beer inside was good and nobody noticed the mildew. Now I'll be sure to wipe every bottle with a wet rag (maybe with a very mild bleach solution even) before storing them for bottle conditioning.
Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. It's been known to happen.

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Apr 2014
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This morning I was determined to have a perfect brew day. I was steeping my special grains bag and heated up some sparge water. I turned off the burner and removed the pan. For some reason I decided that it would be a good idea to warm up my LME by placing it on the stove waiting for my grains to finish steeping. a 1/2 of a split second later, after watching in horror at the plastic bag instantly melt and watch malt oozing on my stove top and onto my kitchen floor thinking OMG!!that was a really stupid thing to do!!!! I can't believe I did that! I managed to save about 3/4 of the malt and continued with the recipe. Actually the wort smelled great, I hope it turns out okay. Can anyone think of a clever name for my brew? "Airhead Kolsch?"

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Jan 2014
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Dropped a glass 6.5 gallon carboy on my kitchen sink while cleaning it. I had visions of broken glass and water everywhere. Carboy stayed intact and broke my damn crushed granite sink. $280 for a new sink as it is oversized...

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Today while crushing my specialty grain, I had a small amount in a plastic bag. I was running the drill with one hand and pouring with the other, the bag slipped out of my hand and before I knew it got sucked into the mill, jamming it and sending the entire mill flying before my finger came off the drill trigger... Luckily, no one was injured, the mill was mostly undamaged, the drill was undamaged, and the bag came easily out of the mill without ripping apart.
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Feb 2013
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Opening the ball valve right after a boil without an oven mit. I felt the heat but it did not register for a few seconds.

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