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Apr 2013
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I entered my first competion with my Heffe Weiss this weekend and scored a 32, which translates to Very Good but with some flawes. One of the flawes the judges reported on was the bear was to cloudy/hazy for the style - apparently to much suppended protiens.

How do I reduce amount of protiens in the beer? Will it help if I do a protein rest during Mashing?



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Feb 2012
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Often I've seen suspended yeast as a problem. Using only malt based ingredients, I have found, make a pretty clear beer. Hefeweizens are different, however, as you know, the wheat causes natural cloudiness. Specifically I am referring to candi (beet or cane) sugar, which, because it is a different kind of sugar, cause yeast haze.

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Bad advise above (WTF does candi sugar have to do with the OP's question), and a pretty silly judge comment as well.

The Hefe style is supposed to be cloudy, with suspended wheat protein and suspended yeast. The main flavor of the beer comes from those very factors. I don't really think you can have "too much" as long as it is all coming from the natural process. 200-300 year old German/Bavarian brewery Hefe recipes are uber cloudy coming out of the tap, with plenty of haze. In Germany, the breweries often package hefes upside down and deliver kegs of hefes upside down, so the consumer/bar is forced to turn it rightside up and suspend the yeast and wheat protein inside, improving the taste of the beer.

Anyway, don't worry too much about it. That judge gave you bad advise. He may have meant something else, or may be an inexperienced judge who just didn't know what he was talking about.

Also DON'T follow the advise above. Hefes should NOT have extended conditioning. I don't even know what the "use malt-based ingredients" suggestion means, so ignore that. DO NOT use Whirlfloc or other finings in a Hefe. DO NOT do a protein rest with a Hefe.

I think you are probably A-OK, and this judge just gave you some confusing advice. Was he an experienced BJCP judge, or maybe a newbie or even non-sanctioned judge?

What I always do is stick the auto-siphon right down into the yeast cake when I'm racking to the keg/bottling bucket. I don't make any special effort to transfer yeast cake and wheat proteins, but I don't rack above the yeast cake layer either. Sometimes I'll also just give the fermenter a nice couple swirls to suspend some of the yeast cake/wheat protein. About a good 5-10% of that yeast cake/trub layer should end up in your keg/bottling bucket.

Good luck!
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Well, you could really have "too much" cloudiness. It should be cloudy, but it shouldn't look like pond water. Do you agree with the judges assessment?

Personally, I like a light yeast taste that doesn't overpower the wheat. I've found that if my fermentation is in the 2 week range and I don't do anything to purposely clear the beer, then it is about the right level. If I get busy and it ends up sitting in the fermenter much longer than that, I'll kick up a little yeast before packaging.

Personally, I like a 15 minute protein rest at the low end of the range. That still leaves enough protein for the body. You don't want to overdo it.

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Apr 2013
Meyerton, South Africa
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Thanks for the advise.

I can't comment on the judge's experience since I don't know them and it was my first comp.

I think my was WAY more cloudy than the 1 weiss that outscored me.

My Weiss was voted best Weiss in the people's choice though

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Sep 2011
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I bottled my first hefeweizen sooner than I normally do with my other ales (because everyone says you can go grain-to-glass quickly with a hefe, right?) and I ended up with a lot more crud in the bottom of my bottles than I wanted - like 3/8 of an inch. It made the beer look and taste dull when I allowed the sediment to pour into my glass, as I would with a commercial hefe. In my experience, if I age/package a hefe as I would a normal American ale, the beer will still be appropriately hazy and there will still be plenty of yeast in the bottom once the bottles carbonate - about the same amount as in a commercial hefe bottle. I wouldn't purposely carry extra yeast and protein into the bottles, but that's just me.

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Seems like very odd commentary on this particular style, but maybe there's info we're missing.

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Does seem odd. OP, do you have any left and can we get a pic?

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Thought it odd as well. How do you get judged "too cloudy" on a beer that's supposed to be cloudy?

Unless there were big chunks of stuff like yeast rafts floating all over the place. But I'm guessing that's not the case here.


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Jun 2009
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What is a hefeweizen if it you don't drink it mit hefe? Yeasty is the goal.

The only thing I can think is that the judge thought it was a chill haze issue and not the yeast.
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