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Aug 2011
Fort Wayne, IN
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I have been looking around for the right forum to post this by searching for this in almost all of them. I haven't landed on the perfect place for it so here I am. On my local homebrew forum ( someone mentioned how many times they have brewed. I have never kept track of that but always intended to do so. So this morning I went through the info I have kept, which may not be exhaustive, in order to figure out how many times I have brewed.

I decided to put together a very simple spreadsheet with the following info:
BJCP Style #

Anyone else have something similar? What else have you added to your list? Care to share it? I just had a thought. I wonder if BeerSmith 2 has any kind of function to track that? I'll look there and see if it does.


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Jun 2009
Lopez Island, WA
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I keep track, at least the ones I care about, with my label file. Vertically, up one side (in very fine print) I put the recipe and mash schedule.

In the middle, under the name and picture, I put its vital statistics, brew date, and bottle date.
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Jan 2011
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I keep a very complete brew log. I keep a list of brew by date and when bottled. Then I keep a sheet with the recipe, and all of the data and notes from each brew. Put that into a sheet protector in a three ring binder.

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Mar 2012
idaho falls, idaho
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I have a notebook I keep the date brewed and bottled along with the SG and FG. Nothing fancy but it works

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Feb 2012
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I use Beersmith and print out the brew steps sheet for the recipe just prior to brewing, which gives me a place to record notes. Afterwards, I file it away and can refer back to it if needed. Recently, I set up folders in BS for the brewing year (I.e., 2012, 2013) and started listing the recipes I've brewed in order by date so I can easily see what I did. If I re-brew a recipe, I make a copy and make any changes to it, leaving the original unchanged. By using the actual recipe as my library, I have all the info for the brew, including mash and ferm schedules.

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Dec 2011
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BeerSmith does have a brewlog capability. Although it is one of the few things in BeerSmith I dont like. I dont like the implementation, but Ive gotten used to it.

I used to use SUDS and like its batch logging implementation much better. SUDS is just a recipe database, w nothing like the capability of BS, but if you just want a log its quite good for that.

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Dec 2011
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iBrewmaster has a nice "log/batches" area that keeps track of every individual batch. This is separate from the "recipes" section. I have been very pleased with it over the past year.
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Dec 2012
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I use Beer Smith to keep track of all that. Anything special I add into the notes.
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