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Originally Posted by seefresh
I did a report of false medicines in College, don't remember much of it. Spent a lot of time on acupuncture.

I have cold sores on very rare occasion... does that mean I have mouth herpes?! Should I chill on the muff-divin?
Yes, you have herpes simplex. They say 9/10 people have been exposed to it.

I don't think that the oral and the genital versions can be cross-contaminating, but I'm not 100% sure. But needless to say, I don't usually go into the bush when I have cold sore anyway.

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I take an herbal for gout. I have tried everything that Drs prescribed and nothing worked. I had cortisone shots, pills and some helped a little and some really made me sick. But this herbal stuff really works and nothing else has come close.

My mother in law has terrible migraines and has taken everything for them (all the good drugs ) finally went to acupuncture and that has worked where everything else failed (or was habit causing).
I have been to western Dr.s that were so full of crap and I have been to eastern DOMs that were full of crap. I couldn't imagine putting faith in one more than another.

edit: I also take Emergen-c at any sign of a cold. I love that stuff and its much better priced than Airborn with similar potency.

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Originally Posted by Evan!

I don't think that the oral and the genital versions can be cross-contaminating, but I'm not 100% sure. But needless to say, I don't usually go into the bush when I have cold sore anyway.
Yep two completely different things. I got the mouth herpes also.
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Originally Posted by EdWort
Be sure to get some Milk Thistle. It is good for the liver.
Actually, the Milk-Thistle my company sells is supposed to be one of the purest forms available. You'd be surprised by the amount of garbage that some of these pills contain. We heard the manager of this division speak about the purity and potency.

And I did order some.
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Find a protein drink/mix/shake you like and stock up on it. You can buy this stuff in 50lb bags. A good multi-vitamin will take care of most of the micronutrients your body needs. I suggest melatonin for night time if you need some help getting to sleep since you did say you got energy pills. Other than that, if you've got specific needs there are some products that do work but most of them are bogus and a waste of money.

I'll second the milk thistle suggestion, even though the liver is one of the few organs that can regenerate its own cells, giving it a helping hand is always nice. I use this argument when SWMBO is giving me a hard time about my drinking.
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I worked in a Nature's Food Centre when I was in high school and we had all the different vitamins, herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, etc... Most of them were useless but I used to buy the energy supplements with Ma Huang, they worked okay.

The things we sold the most of were golden seal, for passing drug tests, and Inositol powder which is a crystalline form of vitamin B, that stuff was used to cut cocaine...
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I used to take daily multivitamins, until I read a study showing that these can increase the risk of prostate cancer... But hell, what doesn't these days? The thing is your body really does not need half the "supplements" you pump into it if you eat a balanced diet. If your eating Mc. Fatso half the time though, it might be a different story.

IMHO, after all my studies in physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, medicine, etc... I have seen that while some supplements may provide some benefit (Vit. B,C,E, etc.) most are just feeding the multi-billion dollar health food industry. If your natural product really does do what you say it does, then it has already been extracted, purified, and marketed by a pharmaceutical company. If not, well I guess some new age entrepreneur is just going to sell you a bottle of dried crap for $15 a pop....
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I'm reading this book "Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers" and in chapter 2 the author raves about bee products. He cites many studies. In the olden days some cultures would take the whole hive and boil it even with the bees in it probably the queeny too. Imagine having a queen bee in your beer.

So I've just started two days ago taking 2tsps twice daily of wildflower honey. Am I crazy? I don't frequent the health food store for anything, but I liked the sound of this stuff so I'm gonna try it out. Here's a recipe at the end of chapter 2.

6 lbs wildflower honey
1 oz propolis
1 oz royal jelly
1 oz bee pollen
3 gal water

I guess its a mead.
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Can't wait to go AG...
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The trick with taking honey for allergies is to be sure it is very local honey - so the pollens used by the bees closely match the pollens in your area - this is how you build up some immunity/resistance to the allergens. This works, wife has sworn by this method for years.
Also, a guy from Canada I met last year mentioned a pill you can buy over the counter in pretty much any drug store up there, would also be over the counter here but probably not as widely available - capsules contain just about every kind of pollen. Idea is you take these on a regimen for a few weeks just before the onset of allergy "season" and you have minimal/no allergy symptoms later because of the same "tollerance-building" effect as the honey. I wish I could remember the name of these ones!

Side question, for Cheese -- did you get the 'money-shot-pill" type supplement while you were on a shopping spree for herbals?

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If you can get something like Mormon Tea, that'll give you a pick up .

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