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Oct 2010
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I find a lot of people that homebrew also are quite crafty with other things like woodwork. From my observation a lot of people enjoy the "start with nothing, end with something" aspect of brewing.

It's also rewarding in a couple ways. As I mentioned, you start with ingredients and end with a finished product and that is always a thrill, but on top of that, as a bonus, you end up with BEER!

Personally, I enjoy the process and the adventure. Trying new recipes, tweaking other recipes, it's very fun and very therapeutic for me. Plus, when all is said and done, it's something you can be proud of. Homebrewers are pretty generous people when it comes to handing out the finished product. From my point of view, there's nothing better than handing over a freshly bottled 6-pack to friends & family and getting the typical, "Wow, I don't like dark beers but this is phenomenal! Let me know what your next batch will be!!"

On a side note, I blame New Jersey along with my High School and College years. I could never stand watered down ****ty lite beers. I was always the one bringing 6-packs of craft beer while others where all about buying 30-packs of crap.

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Originally Posted by pedimac View Post
It's fun as hell.

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It's chemistry, biology, cooking, art, etc. What other hobby has that?

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After thirty years of drinking craft beers and my friend's home brews, I finally have the time and money to invest in it as a hobby. I've always enjoyed cooking because I love the science and creativity of it and the fact that you're creating something you can enjoy and share with others when you're done. Making beer fits right in.
The history and science also fascinate me, and the communities that you can join to learn and share with are great.

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I've had a kegerator for more than 13 years. I finally looked at the price of a 1/2 barrel of run of the mill beer and figured, "I can at least brew my own for this price" Where as I'm not really in it for the money, it's my golf, it's my fishing, basically I enjoy the process, but the mitigating factor to get me started was the fact that prices had risen so much, that I might as well start figuring out how to do this myself.

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Mar 2012
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the hobby has a downside.

After seeing you build a gas fired brew rig, an electric temp controller, more plumbing than a mad scientist lab, friends seem to less self conscience with asking advise about fixing every broken object they own.

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Feb 2013
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It's definitely not to save money -- what hobby is? For me, the principal enjoyment comes from making something delicious that I can share with friends and family and the sense of pride that comes with saying, "Yep, I made that!". But what keeps me brewing as often as I do is the craft itself. With a medical and biochemistry background, brewing is as much an academic and scientific endeavor as is my formal training. That combined with the satisfaction of creating something from scratch is why homebrewing is the most addicting hobby I know

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As said before: it's fun. I'm also a beer nerd. I don't just want to make it and drink it. I want to cut open a bag of hops, stick my nose in it and breath deeply. I want to read about it and study it. I want to know the history of it.

There is something artisanal about homebrewing. That's why I also bake my own sandwich bread. Sure I could buy it. But I can make it myself by hand and have exactly what I want plus I get a personal connection to the process.

And finally, even for a craft beer enthusiast, my tastes skew towards the unusual. How many 9% hefes do you come across? How many pumpkin saisons? How many hazelnut milk stouts? How many pomegranate-cranberry pLambics? Sure, some breweries make them but I don't always have access to those beers. I can make them myself and have 5 gallons of it to drink over the next 18 months.
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Mar 2013
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In today's modern society everything is pre-made, pre-built, pre-cooked etc. etc.
You come home from work and all you have to do is sit in front of a TV and stare at it. As men, we are pre-wired to fix things, build and create what we need. But today - everything is already done.
Sooo...we find outlets for that energy. Some build trains, some work on cars or motorcycles. Some do wood working....and others...make beer.

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