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Anyone ever tried using ie; Crydom 3 Phase Solid State Relay to
control a 220VAC 1-PH Heating Element?

A three phase SSR is essentially 3 individual single phase SSRs packaged in a single housing with a common input so that each SSR is energized simultaneously or at exactly the same moment.

Neutral conductors can use less material or be eliminated completely as the phase currents cancel out one another in a balanced load. In this circumstance where the neutral is eliminated it is also possible to control the load by switching only 2 of the 3 phases which offers further advantages by reducing the number of relays or contacts required.

The main attributes of SSRs, whether single or three phase are: contactless turn on and turn off which means no arcing, contact bounce or acoustic noise; high speed switching; long life expectancy; low input control power requirements; zero current turn off which substantially minimizes electrical transients especially when switching inductive loads; and zero voltage turn on which can minimize turn current surges and their resulting transients.

This simplifies wiring and usually reduces overall space requirements within the panel.

The heating elements themselves are typically made with Nickel Chrome wire which is wound into spiral and then inserted into a metal sheath with Magnesium Oxide acting as a dielectric. The diameter and length of the wire determines its resistance and therefore the power rating of the heater. NiCr wire has the advantage of a very low thermal coefficient of resistance, meaning that its hot and cold resistance are very nearly the same, thereby minimizing any cold temperature inrush currents.

Note: the thermal interface material is placed between the mounting surface of the SSR and the heat sink to compensate for any surface irregularities that might increase thermal impedance and diminish SSR performance. These materials generally have a thermal impedance of between 0.03 and 0.1 °C/W depending on their composition and thickness.

ALSO Located a Dual SSR/Crydom,
4-32VDC Input Control
For decades Crydom has manufactured top quality Dual Solid State
Relays in addition to its standard single and three phase SSR lines. All
Crydom “D” and “H12” series Dual SSRs have two totally
independent AC output relays in a single standard panel mount
package making them ideal for a wide variety of applications including
Heating, Lighting and Motion Control.
Each Dual SSR has two outputs controlled by two independent inputs.
This allows engineers using multiple Solid State Relays in a panel to
save space in many applications. Fast-on termination suitable for
rated load currents to 40 amps/ 530 VAC per channel are standard.
Terminations for the input controls are either square pins or fast-on
connectors Utilizing dual SCR’s for the AC switch output with internal
snubber, Crydom Dual SSRs provide greater protection against false
triggering. Model choices include zero voltage or random turn-on
Crydom has used innovation and technology to expand its line of Dual
SSRs creating the Evolution Dual series. Evolving from Crydom’s
successful “D” and “H12” series of Dual SSRs, the Evolution Duals
offer an improved mechanical and thermal design providing higher
capacity outputs and significantly increased power density. Screw
termination suitable for rated load currents to 50 amps/ 600 VAC per
channel is standard in either “SSR” or “Contactor” output termination
configurations. Each AC output channel features high power SCRs
with high surge ratings and is available with either zero voltage or
random turn on.
The new generation of Dual SSRs with four different input termination
options (pin, locking connector, detachable barriers w/screws, and
direct wire) are available with three different input voltage ratings
including a wide range (4 to 32 VDC) current regulated version.
The new two channel relays are available with an innovative optional
clear IP20 touch safe cover allowing a clear view of the power lead
terminations while providing touch safe operation. Crydom’s AC
output Evolution Dual Solid State Relays also feature LED input
status indicators for each channel.

Let Me Know what your opinions,
I think this might be a solution for a heater element SSR control,
then it's off to Ebay.

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Yes you can use them separately as they are three components in one package.
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