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Oct 2011
Bozeman, MT
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I have been sitting and thinking about this for quite a while. Last September when I was brewing (I brew outside and Live in Montana) a number of bees showed up during the boil because of the scent of sugars in the steam. I cannot think of any way to not have the bees show during a brew day. Do any of you have ideas on how to not have them show up?

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Jan 2013
Silverdale, WA
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No advice to give, just wanted to commiserate...I was brewing a pilsner one summer and the yellow jackets kept kamikazi-ing right into the boil.

I guess just start thinking up bee-based beer names.

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Jan 2013
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I thought the title was 'Avoid beers while brewing" and I stopped by to make the obvious comments. Sorry no answer for that.
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Jan 2013
Tustin, CA
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Kill their ringleader and display his corpse as a warning. In seriousness, the only thing I've known to drive them off is smoke. So if you are having a bad problem with them, you can maybe get some wood chips smoldering nearby? Doubt It'll do much though.
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Apr 2012
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Jan 2013
Running Springs, California
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You could try planting a bunch of flower on one side of your property and brew on the other. That's the only thing I can think of that may work.

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Oct 2010
Terryville, CT
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catch some, cut their heads off and mount them on tooth pics around your brew area, that should work.

OR plant lemongrass all around your brewing area, bees no likey lemongrass.
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Feb 2012
Van, BC
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you can try one of those fake beehives. no i dea if they work or not.. my neighbor has one and seems to think it works. i would personally use my electric fly zapper shaped like a tennis racket.. be warned bees sometimes take 2 zaps. nothing like a pissed off bee with a half fried brain!!!

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Aug 2009
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You might try brewing later in the day. Bees begin foraging at first light. They keep going until they’re done. You seldom see them after five o clock sun time, which is 6:30 pm here due to stupid daylight savings time and being on the edge of the time zone.

Also I guess Montana is in very early spring, so they may have run out of honey and are really hungry. You could try feeding them. Mix up some strong sugar water, about 1:1. Put it in a zip-loc lay it out on something a few feet off the ground and poke a few holes in it. They should like that better than boiling wort.
Watch out for ants.

I noticed in the 2011 drought the bees were pestering me when I was drinking beer on the patio. Usually they ignore me. The few bees that were still alive were starving and desperate for food.

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Aug 2008
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Might also look into some sort of screen to put over your brew kettle. It won't keep them from pestering you but it'll at least keep the bugs outta the brew.
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