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Originally Posted by zachattack View Post
I believe blue light is the most damaging in terms of skunking, followed by green, followed by near UV. White polyethylene will certainly block much, much more visible light than glass, and both will transmit some long-wave (near) UV but block the shorter stuff.
UV is short-wave. Infrared is long-wave. Although really its high(UV)-low(IR) frequency of the waves.
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I never referred to UV as long wave, rather I was mentioning the longer-wave UV region near the visible part of the spectrum. AKA near-UV. Length is all relative I suppose, like a taller short guy

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Originally Posted by BoostedF150 View Post
Crap i was afraid of that, i have another one sitting in the same place that u need to move asap but its already been there 2 weeks.
So what ended up being the final outcome? Were your beers badly skunked?

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Hopefully it turned out ok. Skunkiness varies along with one's preference or distain of it.

I actually deliberatly skunked bottled beer by exposing it to summer sunlight for relatively short periods of time in transparent glass bottles. I was aiming for a heiny corona thing with a frankenstien grain batch that required a mix of several adjunts. I dont have my notes i front of me but recall skunkiness set in after a few minutes.

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This is a great Basic Brewing episode.

It happens pretty quickly.


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I like the experimentation going on here! Did the other carboy skunk? The light is def a high possibility but there could have been an infection that set in someway as well. Have you set a lot of carboys in that space and had this result bf?

I second the wrapping in a towel. it's what I do with my beers, especially if they're going to be in there for a while.

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Yes, welcome to corona brewing! they skunk it on purpose. The clear bottles they pack it in does this and It is one of my favorite beers! I tried to skunk one but it didnt work. there is a scientific answer to your post, but im not a scientist, but atleast it isnt an infection , just a process for people that like it that way.

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Originally Posted by kapbrew13 View Post
Sun light interacts with hop oils to produce skunkyness. Please keep beer out of light.

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Get a cheap fridge and build the aquarium temp control. Two birds with one stone
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Originally Posted by zachattack View Post
A t-shirt can help, but UV can still penetrate if they're sitting outside. Ever get a sunburn thru a t-shirt? I definitely have.
SPF-30, Smother the carboy in sun tan lotion, then cover it in cloths and a knotted hanky for a hat, works every time...
Oh hang on thats what i do to my kids at the beach... SORRY...

Sorry to here about the skunky beer

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