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Jan 2013
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Is the second port worth the money? I will be on a 10 gallon kettle used for the boil and to heat mash water. I dont really see a screw in thermometer as being all that useful, but I've never used one.

Would I regret only getting on port?

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Sep 2011
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You can always put a plug in a extra port. What are you going to have to go thru to get another port added later.

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Oct 2011
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you may want another for whirlpool recirculation..

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Jan 2013
, Wisconsin
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I've never had a kettle with any ports, so I guess I dont really know what I will want to do later.

So 2 votes for the extra port

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Dec 2012
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I've got 3 and like them all.

Need the drain.
Sight glass is a luxury but I get a lot of use out of it. I know you can get volumes with a calibrated stick, but this is very easy to read.

The thermometer is great during whirlpool, hop stand and chilling...I use imersion chiller.

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Jul 2009
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i really like having 2. i have a drain and a blichmann thermometer. having the thermo installed is so much better than breaking out the floating thermo, sanitizing it, making sure you don't hit it up against anything, etc.
There is no "i" in denial.

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Apr 2012
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I've got a second for a thermowell.

Someone posted a recirculation arm that hooked over the side of the pot which looked like a good solution.

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Apr 2009
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When I was getting mine I went with 2 (one drain and one thermo). Quickly decided that I wanted a sightglass as well, so got one with a thermo included, so then I didn't need that port anymore. Now I use the 2nd port to whirlpool with the drain port, a pump, and my CFC, which has sped up cooling nicely. So I'd say a thermo port isn't required (especially if you're thinking about installing a sight glass yourself), but can come in handy in the future. Like was mentioned, you can always plug it for the time being if you aren't using it.

I didn't see you mention, how are you chilling? Ah, just saw you're also using this for heating mash water. In that case, or if you're using an IC, an installed thermo is pretty nice, since you don't have to keep standing up and leaning over to check on the temp you're at. You can just sit next to the pot with a beer and watch the thermo, shutting things down once its at the right spot. If you're draining hot wort from the pot and using a plate chiller or CFC, the installed thermo is less useful, but assuming the price point for the second port isn't outrageous, I'd still suggest getting it.

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Sep 2008
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I've got 4 in one of my keggles. Drain, whirlpool, level, and temp. Temp is worthless on a boil kettle as I see it now, but would be useful on HLT. Whirlpool port on a HLT would be useless as well unless you are recircing the HLT. The level is nice, but once you know where your marks are for 5 or 10 gallons isn't totally necessary. you could combine temp & level into one port if you used a tee on the outside to save a port too. 2 or 3 is all you will ever need.

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Mar 2012
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1 or 2? No. 3 or 4 ports and plug the ones you're not using ,,,,,, YET.

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