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Mar 2013
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I can post the full recipe later today I'm on my phone at work now but as far as the tea goes I made a gallon of green tea that I let cool as the wort cooled then used it to top off to the 5 gal mark then I dry hopped with a white tea for aroma. Like I said ill post full details later

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Originally Posted by Effingbeer View Post
I would not add honey to a boil. I would add all of it after flameout and probably even after it cooled down to about 160F or so. Boiling will push out all of the character of the honey, so that you are basically down to table sugar. Probably why you hear people get more from priming with honey is because it is not boiled.
+1. No reason to boil honey ... you just drive off flavor compounds which defeats the whole purpose of using it.

Honey has its own antimicrobial properties so very little risk of infection from honey (you can actually pack wounds with it...works great). For meads I dont boil at all...just add honey to hot water and mix well. And a practice in mead brewing is staged honey additions during ferm where raw honey is added directly to the fermentor...the combination of honey, alcohol, CO2, and competing yeasties minimizes risk of infection.

Also choose your honey wisely...the sugars are highly fermentable so what remains is the other flavor components minus the sweetness...those dont always taste good. Fermenting a small sample first to taste test is a good idea.

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Mar 2013
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ok so here is my extract Honey Green Tea IPA recipe

-Steep 14oz Crystal 10L @ 155* for 30min
-3lbs of Golden Light LME @ 60min boil
-1lb Amber DME @ 60min boil
-3lbs Golden Light LME @ 15min
-1lb Clover Honey @ flame out

- 0.3oz Columbus @ 60min
- 0.4oz Warrior @ 60min
- 0.4oz Centennial @ 30min
- 0.4 oz Columbus @ 15min
- Remaining of the 3oz combined at FO
- Dry hop for 5-7 days with sorachi ace whole leaf

Topped of with about 1gal of green tea to the 5 gal mark I made with around 18-20 tea bags then let cool with the wort also "dry hopped" with a white tea called ya bao for about 6-7 hours for some tea aroma.

Ill be cracking the first bottle this weekend so I can keep you posted the only thing I really wish I did was change up my hop choices this is only my second batch ever and didn't know much but ill be going back and doing this over for sure.

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Can't wait to hear how it came out , I've only just brewed my second beer as well

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I don't know why I didn't mention honey malt before. I use it all the time for some basic honey flavor. It is in my IPA in the fermenter right now.

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Well dear, that's a fine question. With Muddy Creek I add it after the boil, just before I start cooling.
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All of you guys rock. I brewed this batch a couple weeks back using the last recipe I posted, I believe. I ended up using 2 lbs. of honey at flame out - dissolved and let sit for about 10 minutes. Fermentation went well and I actually ended up with a FG of 1.000. Bottled this last weekend and tasted before doing so - tasted absolutely delicious. The honey is there - not faint and not in your face. I also got a toastiness from the malt which was an added bonus. For anyone interested in the recipe, I will post! It was really straightforward.

I'm working on my first all-grain batch. I just posted the recipe/process to the all-grain section. If you guys would be so helpful and review that for me, I'd truly appreciate it. I've learned a lot from you all already!

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