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Originally Posted by boscobeans View Post
From the smell you describe it is fermenting. One quick way to see if it is fermenting is to pop the lid as gently as possible so as to not disturb the layer of CO2 that shields the beer from oxygen. A quick peek into the fermenter should show krausen forming.

The seals in lids and around airlocks often leak and don't allow enough pressure to form in the fermenter to push out bubbles in an airlock. If you see foam or surface bubbles on the beer close it back up and wait three weeks then start taking SG readings. If you see A LOT of foam (krausen) and it is anywhere near to filing the fermenter put in a blowoff . The lower the temperature the more controlled the krausen will be in general so keep it so the beer stays at around 65. Fermentation generally will bring the beer's temperature above room temperature by 5 or more degrees.


Thanks for the advise. I will check it tonight when I get home. I was slightly afraid to open the lid but it sounds like its okay as long as I do it gently.

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one of the reasons why air lock activity isn't a good indicator of fermentation is that the CO2 may be escaping elsewhere. if your lid doesn't seal properly or the air lock isn't jammed in properly, it will be easier for the gas to escape that way instead of pushing through the liquid in the air lock. so no bubbles doesn't mean that there isn't fermentation happening. just means there are no bubbles

and on the flip side, the presence of bubbles doesn't mean there is active fermentation. it just means CO2 is being release, and there are reasons other than active fermentation to explain the release of CO2 from the brew (atmospheric changes, temp changes, being shaken/bumped, etc).
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Hi All:

Thanks for all of your advice. I decided to be patient and let nature take its course. We've wired two weeks an took our frt hydrometer reading last night and got a FG of 1.014 which is within the FG values on the paperwork that came with the kit. We are going to take one more reading and if we get the same value we will keg it tomorrow. We did sample it and it tastes great! We are very excited. Does anyone have any suggestions or preferences on kegging? Ie. longer carbonating vs. shorter carbonating?

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I like to go with the set it and forget it method. Just set it to the desired psi (usually about 12) and let it sit for 10-14 days. This gives it time to condition as it carbs, you don't have to adjust it to serving pressure, and you don't run the risk of over carbing it. On the rare occasion that I am in a real hurry to get the beer ready I will crank it up for a couple days.

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