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Mar 2011
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Anyone else find household chores. Like fixing things, cleaning the garage, etc., generally easier and more enjoyable whilst drinking some homebrew?
I just fixed a toilet in my less than 1 year old newly built home and realize I have a lot to owe to my homebrew for motivation in completing much needed tasks this last year...
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Shoveling snow, painting...
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Jul 2011
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Sometimes I go to bottle and have to empty the sink and/or dishwasher first. Does that count?

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Dec 2011
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I will enjoy a homebrew or three after an especially grueling task, but I tend to not drink while I'm working. It is bad for business.

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Dec 2012
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I find that no matter what the task is, drinking a Homebrew whilst doing said task is always a good thing. I will do a task and then have a Homebrew. After that I will have a Homebrew while contimplating the tasks which I have completed, then have more Homebrews while I mull over what tasks I would like to do in the future. I follow up all of this work and thinking by a few more Homebrews.

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Mar 2012
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Originally Posted by ulsh72 View Post
Anyone else find household chores. Like fixing things, cleaning the garage, etc., generally easier and more enjoyable whilst drinking some homebrew?
married 26 years, everything is easier with homebrew.

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Jan 2013
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Except power tools...that might be a good exception.
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One of my tenants called me to take a look at the garbage disposal a couple days ago while I was mid-homebrew. Set my beer on the counter and broke out the screwdriver and disassembled, unclogged (how did they get what looked like an entire cigar stuck in there?), and reassembled it in record time so I could get back to my beer. I am glad I set my beer aside beforehand though as there was some nasty water in there. Yep.

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Tasks always go a bit easier when you know a home brew is waiting for you.
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Nov 2012
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I know that cleaning up the yard goes much quicker and is more enjoyable with a few homebrews in me. Just move things around and call it yard art. Sit back and enjoy how great it looks. Or mowing, because instead of mowing the grass, wouldn't it be better to just burn it off and let it grow back anew? Also keeps it from growing back so fast.

There is one thing I do not recommend doing after a few beers, hanging outdoor Christmas lights. Or for that matter, anything else that involves ladders, electricity and wiring. This comes from personal experience. The more aggravated you get with the lights that won't untangle, the faster the beers start going down. Then by the time you get up on the ladder, turning the electricity on and off to check the lights, realize some don't work so decide to start cutting wires and refitting them with other wires, of course use electrical tape around the spots you re-fitted them... back up on the ladder, have someone down below hit the switch to see if it's working now...

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