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I was doing this in my early PM days when I would just mash a small amount of grain in a regular stock put that I use for cooking. My method would be to get the mash up to the correct temp on the stovetop while preheating the oven to the lowest setting with the door cracked open. Once at mash temp, I'd put it in the oven and turn the oven off. The ambient temp of the oven would keep it stable without much heat loss. Then I'd turn the oven on about a half hour later for maybe a few minutes... just enough to get it warmed up a bit. Unless your oven can hold temps at around 150, you need to be careful not to have it running so much that it heats the mash up beyond the normal temps.
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You guys don't need to open this up and stir it so much. With my cooler, I just mash in, stir it well, take a reading, if it's good, then i close it up, wrap it up, and leave it alone for 60 minutes. If you are doing this in the oven, I wouldn't worry about the temp at all, if it's right when you put it in.
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Originally Posted by MikeInMKE View Post
I have been doing partial mash BIAB in a 5G stainless stock pot.

I tried mashing on the stove with limited success. Every 20 minutes, I'd stir, check temperatures, and fire up the burner to bring the mash back up to temperature. I found the temperature dropped too quickly. Perhaps if the burner was turned down low enough, and the mash stirred often enough, the proper mash temperature could be maintained throughout, but I never tried this.

Then I tried wrapping the pot with a sleeping bag. That made it harder to check the temperature of the mash, and really difficult to use the stove to heat the mash back up to the desired temperature. While it held temperature much better than being in the open air on my stovetop, the mash temperature still dropped more than I was comfortable with.

Then I tried using my oven. Even though my oven's thermostat only goes down to 170 and has quite a wide delta between shutting off and turning back on, it held my mash to the desired 152 degrees quite well. I still, every 20 minutes, remove the pot, stir and check the temperature, and return the pot to the stove, but this seems to work the best of all the methods I've tried.

I've just recently converted an insulated water cooler into a mash tun, so I'm hoping I'll no longer need the oven for mashing.
If your crush is fine enough for BIAB you don't need to stir at all during the mash nor do you need to constantly check the temperature during the mash as each time you remove the lid to check you lose heat. If your crush is fine it won't take 90 minutes for conversion either. Interested in an experiment? Get some iodine and do a starch test to see when conversion happens.

I did that conversion experiment with a mash. When I added the grains I stirred them in well and grabbed a sample which when the iodine was added turned blue, exactly as it should. My plan was to take a sample every 5 minutes until I no longer showed the blue color which would mean I had no starch left. Correct? I missed the first 5 minute sample and got it at 7 minutes. Dropped a drop of iodine and color change at all, not a bit of blue. So, how long does it really take for a mash?

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Originally Posted by Grinder12000 View Post
I do this 100% of the time - heat to oven at lowest setting, then turn it off when you put the wort in. Works perfectly.
I do the same thing.

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