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Jul 2007
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I’ve been reading up on sanitizers in this forum and these seem to be the three anyone talks about.

It seems most folks have success with One Step and not too many problems with the main drawback being contact time between equipment and solution (2-3 mins.).

Star San seems to be the favorite but I’ve been reading on here that over time it leaves a filmy, slightly slick residue on equipment. Is this true? I also read some people saying that it can make plastics brittle after prolonged exposure. But it has the plus side of needing only about 30 secs. of contact time.

Iodophor seems to be the least popular with someone mentioning that it stains plastics. Is there truth in that? Contact time seems to be about the same as Star San.

Which do you use and why is it the best in your opinion?
What problems/drawbacks do the other sanitizers have?

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Jan 2007
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I use Iodophor and yes, it does stain plastic. My O2 hose and one of my pails has a distinct orange tint. That's because I tend to soak items in a pan of it and one time I used a primary pail as a cleaning bucket. I now use an old ice cream pail instead but I don't see anything wrong with the orange stain. It's just an aesthetic thing.

It requires a contact time of 2 minutes and it does foam up when agitated. You don't rinse it. Oh, and the contact time doesn't mean you have to submerge the item, you just have to get it wet. It's the only product I've ever used so I can't compare for you.
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Mar 2007
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I have used all three, my fav. is star san. But am currently using Iodophor only because my LHBS wanted way to much for star san. For the price Iodophor can't be beat, and I have not had a problem with it staining. But next time I need a sanitizer im going back to star san.

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Oct 2006
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I use Star San and Iodophor. Was using Star San for everything, but since it foams it was always a pain to use in carboys. So now I use star san on all my plastic stuff and Iodophor on all my glass stuff.

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Aug 2007
Milford, CT
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I picked up the star-san for bottling, but will continue to use the c-brite for everything else. Haven't tried the stuff yet though.

Does anyone else here use C-brite? Its what came with my first setup so I have been loyal to it until recently, I picked up the star-san. I'd really like to know if anyone has even heard of c-brite. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. Some shops don't even sell it.
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Mar 2007
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I have used Star San and Iodophor. I use Star San exclusively now. I can make a gallon of it and not worry about it loosing its effectiveness. You can check the pH of the Star San to verrify if it is still 'good.' I have used 1 gallon for 2 brew sessions (plus small stuff in between). So even though Star San is more expensive I am not making as much.

I have not noticed and thing turning brittle. I did notice that with iodophor. Iodophor also stains...especially bad in the concentrated form.

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Jul 2006
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Starsan is the best. Make it with RO water and you can save it for ever for filling spray bottles, etc. It is septic safe (sorry iodophor) and needs only a 30 second contact time and is good for your wort. It's a food grade sanitizer.

Starsan Rocks!

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Aug 2006
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Originally Posted by EdWort
Starsan is the best. Make it with RO water and you can save it for ever for filling spray bottles, etc. It is septic safe (sorry iodophor) and needs only a 30 second contact time and is good for your wort. It's a food grade sanitizer.

Starsan Rocks!

I was using bleach for the first couple months of my brewing career...because I thought StarSan was so expensive. Then I learned you could re-use it time and time again...


I don't worry about the foam. The other day I racked my pale into secondary, and by the end of the siphon, I was looking at a big "snake" of foam spewing from the neck of the carboy. Just swatted it to the floor and went about my business. When bottling, it's kinda a PITA, but I just deal.
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Dec 2006
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I use both Star San and Iodophor. I like the versatilty of Star-San and I like the fact take iodophor is inexpensive.

C-Brite is a cleaner not a sanitizer a cheaper alternative is Oxyclean Free or Bar Keepers Friend.
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Aug 2006
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I started out using One-Step but quickly found that it was pretty expensive and I was going through it quickly. I switched to Iodophor mainly due to cost as it is cheaper than Star-San and I have not used anything else since. I have found that you have to leave it sitting for a long time to get any stains.

I've thought about trying Star-San, but my large bottle of Iodophor is still pretty full and I've been using it for a year!
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